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Technical system design of Versa Wall System.


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Interior plant walls require supplemental lighting in order to thrive and be sustainable over time. We recommend a photometric light study prior to plant selection, as plant performance directly correlates to the lighting levels provided.


Plants need fairly bright light to thrive. They can survive with lower light, but won’t perform well and will lose their vigor and die over time. GSky recommends a minimum of 150 foot candles (1,500 lux) of light evenly flooded across the plants.


Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light into energy (sugar). Chlorophyll is the molecule in plants that reacts with light. It reacts to specific wavelengths of light that are measured by nanometers or “color temperate”. GSky recommends lighting with a color temperature of 4,500K to produce healthy plants.

Light Distribution

Producing an even flood that does not have “hot spots” and “cold spots” on the wall is vital to the success of the Versa Wall. If uneven lighting occurs, the wall’s watering requirements will change and be uneven across the wall as well. This all lends to difficult maintenance and owner strife. An even distribution of light across the wall is crucial to the wall’s success.

Lighting Requirements

• Light Intensity > 150 Foot Candles (1500 lux)
• Color Temperature =+4,300 Color Temperature
• Lighting should produce an even distribution of light across the wall
• LED is recommended (Metal Halide is an option)
• Minimum distance of 5’ for non-LED lighting
• Timer required to produce 10-12 hours of light


The Versa Wall System distributes water throughout the wall in a closed system so no water escapes forward or behind the wall. Water is pumped to the top and flows from tray to tray to the bottom.


Irrigation Options



The Versa Wall System offers standard wood trim across the top and down the sides with a removable base across the bottom, behind which the irrigation components are contained. Side and top trim may not be necessary in recessed framed wall conditions.

Standard Wood Trim

Custom Wood Trim

Custom Metal Trim


Trim Options


Plant Design Process

In a typical construction scenario where a design group is involved, GSky will work with the owner and design groups to take your design wishes and turn them into a beautiful plant design. GSky’s designers will work directly with the owner group to provide turnkey design/build solutions.

Coordination Process

1) Ongoing discussion with owners/architects about design intent for the space.
2) Evaluate the site and environmental conditions for plant material.
3) Formulate the plant design concept with suggested plants once the shop drawing sign-off is obtained.
4) Once design concept is finalized and approved the realistic install date is established so plants can be secured.
5) Plants and materials are sent to the nursery who will plant it up into the final design to grow for the agreed upon time which depends on the time of year and region and plants desired.

Design Intent

A soft curvilinear design suggests movement and flow. Some contemporary designs are more rectilinear with clean lines. A mix of a few green plants can be used for a more muted background. Elements such as wood, stone, logos, TV monitors, glass, ect. can be incorporated into a green wall. Lastly, the four inch pots allow for quick, easy and inexpensive, seasonal change.





Added Elements

Plant Availability

Standard Plants

Long term plants that are proven to work well vertically for exterior environments which can handle outdoor lighting conditions while still being durable and attractive.

Accent Plants

These are used in smaller quantities to add more interest in color and texture. They may need to be replaced sooner than the core plants which is why they are used in smaller amounts and are covered under warranty.

Color Program

With an adjusted maintenance fee, colorful plants can be integrated into the design with probable change-out every 4-6 weeks depending on the plant.

Plant Design & Development

Once we’ve established the client’s design intent and assessed the plants availability, GSky’s plant designer will work through a checklist of guidelines.

A few options with plant drawings are drawn up for the stakeholder to review and for feedback/revisions. A sign-off is required on the final approved plant design.

Design Options

Final Design

Completed wall


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