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GSky’s Maintenance Program

GSky’s 3-point maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the industry. GSky requires maintenance on all of its walls for the first year. Only through proper maintenance will your Green Wall be a beautiful and long-lasting piece of art.

One major challenge with a Green Wall’s maintenance is access. If the wall is installed in a location which is difficult or costly to access on a regular basis, there is an increased risk of plant failure. Proper lifts, ladders or other access systems must be budgeted for, storage planned for, and training for technicians provided.

Another key requirement for the success of your interior green wall is lighting. Installing adequate lighting to provide the appropriate light levels will enable your plants to thrive in less than natural conditions.

Plant Guarantee

GSky’s comprehensive maintenance is backed by the only plant guarantee in the industry.

Regular Visits

Every wall is different, but requires regular visits to ensure it’s looking its best.

Periodic Check-ups

Intermittent tasks are done to ensure excellent plant health, proper moisture levels, and that the system is functioning properly.


Depending on the type of lift or ladder to use to access the wall, there must be an access point from which you can set up the lift and access the entire wall. A pathway ‘traffic plan’ must be established to transport the lift to and from the wall.

Lastly, a storage location for the lift needs to be considered if it’s being kept on site as opposed to being rented.


Types of Access


Regular Checks

Standard maintenance care performed on an ongoing basis.

1) Prune and groom your plants

Prune and groom plants properly in order to maintain plant structure and coverage.

2) Check soil moisture levels.

Check moisture levels, manage and adjust the watering schedule accordingly.

3) Inspect for pests and disease.

Inspect plants for pests and diseases and treat accordingly.

4) Feed your plants.

Fertilize plants to maintain proper levels of color and nutrition.

5) Document your visit.

Provide an Inspection Checklist Summary.

Periodic Checks

Maintenance care that needs to be performed periodically.

1) Wall component inspection

Inspect, clean and maintain wall components, such as: tank, filters, trays and fasteners.

2) Irrigation & timer check.

Inspect irrigation, water recirculation timer and drainage systems.

Plant Guarantee with Maintenance.

We replace plants that perish or become unsightly all year round!


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