Versa Wall® Overview

Proven green wall technology.

The Versa Wall is primarily used on interior applications, but may be used in warmer climates, in protected exterior venues. Versa Wall is user-friendly, easy to install and maintain due to the flexibility of 4″ (10 cm) pots that can be placed directly into the Versa Wall tray without any ‘re-potting’. In addition, Versa Wall remains beautiful year-round as plants are interchangeable according to season.

User-friendly. Ultra-easy install.

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Offering you peace of mind, GSky provides one-stop service and support from a team of skilled professionals. Under our GSky maintenance agreement, each Green Wall is covered with a plant replacement guarantee.


Hardware Coverage

5-year warranty on hard materials and 2-year on irrigation components.


Plant Replacement

GSky’s comprehensive maintenance program is backed by a plant guarantee.


Our Green Walls are installed and maintained by our growing network of Dealers located across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. If you’re interested in becoming a Dealer, please contact us.



Versatile. Reliable. Proven.

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