Versa Wall® XT Overview

Introducing the Versa Wall XT.

A modular exterior living green wall system, which utilizes 1-gallon potted plants.

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Custom Wall Design

Because it uses 1-gallon potted plants, it’s easy to customize your green wall for any occasion. You can easily add seasonal plants to your design, change the look to align with a theme or reinforce your brand marketing efforts.

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Quicker Installations

No bulky heavy panels here. Installation is a breeze, because of the lightweight clip-on tray system. The Versa Wall XT can also affix to existing Pro Wall mounting hardware.

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No Grow Time

Unlike other exterior green wall systems, there is no grow time required in planning your project. The Versa Wall XT utilizes 1-gallon potted plants, instead of pregrown panels.

The Versa Wall XT, created by GSky Plant Systems, an industry leader in green wall technology.

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The Versa XT trays are injection molded and built to withstand the rigors and challenges of an exterior environment. Each tray is constructed with UV resistant materials.

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Water Efficient

The trays are designed to deliver water and fertilizer to the roots of the plants, where they are needed. Trays retain a measured quantity of water and there is no runoff forward of the wall.

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Patented System

GSky Plant Systems continues it’s innovation in green wall technology. The Versa XT is a fully patented system in North America, Europe and Australia.


Easy Management

Utilization of potted plants and an automatic irrigation system allows for efficient maintenance service. Plants can be inspected and replaced without disrupting or damaging other plants or the irrigation system.


1-Gallon Pots

Larger plants are ideal for exterior locations as they are less vulnerable to environmental changes compared to smaller plants.

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Water Management

All irrigation is delivered to the system through pressure regulating emitters and flows through the system by gravity. Timed irrigation cycles (Ebb/Flow irrigation) prevent over saturation and minimizes water excess.


Our Green Walls are installed and maintained by our growing network of Dealers located across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. If you’re interested in becoming a Dealer, please contact us.



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