30 Jan GSky Surpasses 500 Versa Wall® Indoor Living Walls

Milestone for Innovative and Efficient Green Wall Design

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, announces the recent installation of the 500th Versa Wall® indoor green wall system, ideal for adding sustainable design to interior space at any scale. Engineered with a unique tray design for simplified installation and maintenance – plus higher water efficiency – the Versa Wall® is a versatile and long-lasting green solution for shopping malls, residences, corporate campuses, hotels, restaurants, and more.

GSky Versa Wall® customers include Fortune 500 companies, international airports, hotels, healthcare centers, and major universities with multiple locations. The Versa Wall®’s modular design allows for quick and easy installation, including around architectural features like doors and windows. Each Versa Wall® plant remains in its own four-inch pot, so full-grown plants can be swapped in quickly and cleanly, and walls can be redesigned at minimal cost to add seasonal color.

Featuring patented vertical irrigation technology, the Versa Wall® system cuts water waste, prevents oversaturation, and boosts cost efficiency by automatically running a timed gravity-based irrigation cycle less than once a week, while other walls on the market may run several cycles each day. Completely customizable with vibrant tropical plants, the Versa Wall® enlivens decor, cleans the air, positively impacts the acoustic environment, enhances productivity, and can be a branding feature for corporations.

GSky and its dealer network design, install, and maintain all Versa Wall® systems, giving customers creative control over a marquee feature that lasts. GSky’s comprehensive maintenance program with hardware coverage and plant guarantee protects every Versa Wall® with the most experienced team of vertical garden professionals in North America.

For more information on the Versa Wall® and examples of Versa Wall® installations from around the world, visit gsky.com/versa/.Cleantech La Living Green Wall

05 Feb Bomb Cyclone Didn’t Stop GSky From Installing Green Walls

2017 ended, and 2018 started, with a “bomb cyclone” bringing snow, ice & wind chills that reportedly plunged temperatures in the Northeast below 20 degrees several times.

While the weather made life miserable outside, GSky brought vibrant nature and beauty inside by installing five living walls all during the winter storm. This was not an easy feat, but the experience, planning & partners that GSky has in place made the process possible.

The walls consist of interior tropical plants that don’t tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees, which increased the level of difficulty finishing these walls before the new year. However, GSky’s team pulled through and made it happen. Not only did the walls bring nature inside while it was frozen outside, but with GSky’s sustainable technology, they’ll be standing there for years to come.

Read more about the five green walls that were installed during the bomb cyclone:  

Embassy Suites — Denton, Texas

Two vibrant vertical green walls made up of 1,752 plants were installed at the Embassy Suites in Denton, Texas. These 22 foot high walls flank a stone water wall feature in the lobby of the hotel with LED rail track lights lining the green walls. Not only does the lighting support the needs of the plants, but it also adds to the ambiance. The plants were designed to form a bold curvilinear design to flow seamlessly across the living walls, adding to the feeling of life and movement in the area.

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology — Terre Haute, Indiana

Over winter break at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, a vibrant green wall was installed in the newly expanded Hulman Memorial Student Union. The school wanted to welcome the students back to the Union with a dynamic and lively green wall. They accomplished this with 1,458 plants placed in a curvilinear form to represent movement and life.

“I must admit, I was skeptical about a living wall when we first started discussing it from a maintenance perspective.  I couldn’t have been more wrong and the design is just amazing.  Really catches your eye as you enter our new main entrance. What a beautiful system with benefits that keep giving over time.” – Michael A. Taylor, MSM, CEFP  |  Senior Director Facilities Operations for Rose Hulman

ASICS — Boston, Massachusetts

Located at ASICS’ new product creation and design lab in Boston, Massachusetts, is a newly installed Versa Wall®. The living green wall incorporates the ASICS logo within the plant design. “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” is an old Latin phrase from which ASICS is derived, so it’s only fitting that their green wall represents those words through the design.

Long Island Marriott — Long Island, New York

This 367 square foot Versa Wall® was installed in the lobby of a Marriott in Long Island, New York. With 2,350 tropical green plants designed giving the impression of a natural background of foliage, it adds depth, dimension and texture. A beautiful wooden frame surrounds the plants enhancing the natural beauty in the lobby for guests and employees.

Hotel at Avalon —  Alpharetta, Georgia

The Hotel at Avalon, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is the city’s first full-service hotel in almost 20 years. Upon entering the hotel’s lobby, two Versa Walls® border each side. Paired with the walls are modern swings for guests to enjoy. Installed as quiet, natural backgrounds, the luxury hotel atmosphere evokes a graceful, modern ambience.

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12 Dec GSky Versa Wall® Color Program Provides Adaptable Designs

GSky’s Versa Wall® is customizable and made to easily change out existing plants to replace them with colorful foliage to match the season or holiday. These durable and unique walls provide the freedom of keeping one design all year long, or with our Color Changing Program, swapping it out for multiple occasions.

BLG Law Firm – Vancouver Office

When first installing this Versa Wall®, year-round plants were placed to keep the foliage looking fresh and relevant as well as fitting into every season.

However, once the holidays came around, BLG Law Firm wanted something a little more festive. Small areas were replaced with poinsettias to bring a holiday flair to this wall.

BLG Law Firm’s Versa Wall® during the year

BLG Law Firm’s Versa Wall® during the holidays with small areas replaced with poinsettias.

Chicago Transwestern

Initially installed in spring, the plants on this vertical garden bloomed along with other plants in nature.

During the summer season, plants are replaced to create a bright, sunny pattern to portray summertime.

Santa Ana – Roger Dunn Golf

A GSky Versa Wall® stands at the front of the Roger Dunn Golf store in Santa Ana, California. Enhancing a connection between nature and the outdoors. The plant palette adapts to reflect different themes so customers will always have something new to look forward to.

Sticking with one type of plant, this design uses the wall as a blank canvas.

During the British Open, an abstract flag was designed onto the wall. With a subtle waving pattern, this Versa Wall® highlighted the national colors of Great Britain and the USA.For the 2016 Olympic Games, colorful bands of plants abstractly represented the colorful rings of the Olympics logo.Nike Swoosh represented with poinsettias for the Holiday SeasonHow the green wall stands during a nonseasonal display.

Incyte Biopharmaceutical Co – Wilmington, DE

Designed within a café and meeting spot is this interior Versa Wall®, where people eat, drink, and mingle around. To keep the look fresh, areas change every four to six weeks. This adds interest along with health benefits and a seasonal color change. 

Installed in the fall using mums for color.

For the holiday season, the plants were switched to red and white annuals.

Smart Walls

The Smart Wall® adds nature, color and design to any space. Not requiring any special allowances, like a water hook up for it to work, this product allows you to install a living wall anywhere. These walls are ideal for small businesses and homes that want a green wall in their space.

Royal Botanic Garden – Sydney

Commissioned for the 200th Bicentenary celebrations the Calyx, a new world-class center for horticulture uses GSky’s Versa Wall® which allows them to change the design frequently coordinating with their educational programs.