07 Oct GSky’s Living Green Walls are Ideal for Parking Garage Installation

Innovative living green wall design improves aesthetics and environmental  impact

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, highlights that its exterior living green walls are ideally suited to installation on parking garage façades.

Parking structures are a crucial component of community planning that reduce congestion on city streets and improve access to retail, offices, residences, and other buildings. Living green walls can dramatically improve the aesthetics of parking structures, introducing beautiful living vegetation into the urban landscape. Green walls serve to reduce air pollution and dampen sound, thus improving quality of life around the garage buildings. GSky’s Director of Artistic Horticulture Design Debbie Kotalic explains, “A GSky® living green wall is a way of calming the concrete jungle.”

GSky’s exterior Pro Wall® is ideal for high design in very visible areas, such as retail developments, office complexes, and more. Featuring custom panels, this highly robust product can make a huge visual impact. With climate in mind, GSky’s experts can help create stunning visual designs on large parking garage façades with the Pro Wall® product.

The Versa Wall® XT allows for thriving living green walls in colder climates than the Pro Wall®, with moderate designability. GSky’s Versa Wall® XT uses 1-gallon potted plants and a proprietary, patented system that makes it the industry’s easiest to install and maintain. Versa Wall® XT installations were designed to reduce wait time for plant growth, thus simplifying the process of improving environmental impact and meeting regulatory needs for new and existing parking structures.

Finally, GSky’s Basic Wall® screening is the company’s most cost-effective option with all the environmental benefits of a living green wall. Especially suited to projects reaching particularly tall heights, the Basic Wall screening utilizes 7-gallon potted plants. It is gaining particular popularity in cities and towns that require vegetation on buildings, as it simplifies the process of adding living plants to new and existing buildings.

Transwestern | West Hollywood, California

GSky’s Pro Wall® installation in West Hollywood beautifies this parking garage while providing significant environmental benefits.

Vancouver International Airport | Vancouver, BC

This GSky® Versa Wall® XT installation at the Vancouver International Airport can withstand winters and adds a beautiful design element to the airport’s overall appearance.

Hyde Beach Resort & Residences | Hallandale Beach, Florida

This GSky® Basic Wall® at Hyde Beach Resort & Residences meets the structural engineering, cost, maintenance needs, and building coverage developers and architects required.

Beachwalk Resort Garage | Hallandale Beach, Florida

This GSky® Basic Wall® enhances the exterior façade of an open air parking garage in South Florida and creates an artistic landscape that is visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

12 Jul Innovation In Design & Practice

Growth Of The Living Green Wall Market

In the short span of fifteen years, the global market has moved beyond blanket skepticism of living green walls to enthusiasm, a shift instigated largely by innovations in design and business practices from pioneering provider GSky Plant Systems. Before the arrival of a true system, the green wall market was defined by disorganization and wall failure. The adoption of a focus on long-term success for each specific wall drove a surge in popularity, and the resulting modular designs have allowed architects to reimagine the role of walls from simply vegetation to another artistic medium.


Architectural ambition pushes the limits of living green wall systems. Many of GSky’s most successful recent projects have fulfilled the imaginings of an innovative architect, including walls that design in logos, sweeping curves, divider blinds, television monitors and more.


The Pro Wall® for exterior remains especially adept at reaching new heights on tall structures. Nevertheless, some of these dream concepts require further creative engineering and design on the part of living green wall providers, and some are simply not feasible given the very real limitations of the living components of some walls. Expertise on the part of providers will continue to define the possible and push to the edge of plants’ abilities.


GSky’s worldwide network of dealers draw on unparalleled expertise to implement high-quality living wall solutions throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceana, and elsewhere. Explore our website to learn more.

19 Mar GSky Expands Sales Team For Growing Living Green Wall Demand

Skilled Professionals Join to Offer Unique Versa Wall® Technology and Expert Design

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, announces three key hires to enhance Sales and Marketing capabilities and embrace growing demand for living walls such as the Versa Wall® and Versa Wall® XT systems.

Jean-Pierre Sijmons joins GSky as Director of Global Dealer Development. In this role, he will develop dealer programs and relationships to expand GSky’s presence in North America and Europe. Jean-Pierre brings 25 years of experience in the interiorscape industry. Since 2002, Sijmons owned and operated City Plantscaping in Denver, Colorado—a member of GSky’s dealer network. Prior to this, Sijmons served as the Operations Manager for Veldkamp’s Interior Landscaping in Holland and Acquisition Manager for Plantscape BV, a Dutch Company. He has also held positions as Sales Manager and General Manager.

Additionally, GSky continues to add top sales professionals in North American and European markets. Joining GSky as Sales Representative for California, Cara Black brings 15 years of sales experience, including 4 years representing green wall products with a dealer in California. Cara has a history of building successful, long-term relationships with clients and partners. In her new role she will work closely with architects and dealers, identify new projects, and support existing GSky corporate client projects.

With 15 years of Administrative, Sales, and Marketing experience, most recently as Marketing Coordinator for Florida’s TooJay’s Restaurant chain, Lea Ackerman joins GSky as Marketing Coordinator. Ackerman will support the field sales team with high-impact sales material and leads, and she will manage the various social media platforms and public relations efforts for the company.

Jean-Paul Sijmons
Director of Global Dealer Development

“I became a part of GSky because I wanted to be a part of a company that provides one of the best green wall systems on the market and keeps innovating and improving its product over time. I am excited to offer prospective customers one of the most versatile and efficient green wall systems on the market.”

Cara Black
Sales Representative for California

“The market for high-end vegetated walls in California is very strong and GSky’s premium products will be successful in the state. I am excited to join the GSky team and lead the expansion into the California market.”


Lea Ackerman
Marketing Coordinator

“I am thrilled to help market GSky living green walls and maintenance services! GSky sets a standard in the industry that is second to none and sharing the benefits of our beautiful living green walls with consumers is not only satisfying, but fun.”

19 Feb GSky Introduces Versa Wall XT for Exterior Installation

Innovative Design Offers Efficient Alternative to Pre-Grown Panel Walls

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, introduces the Versa Wall® XT system, an exterior living wall alternative to pre-grown panels. Unlike the pre-planted panels most exterior green walls on the market rely on, each Versa Wall® XT features one-gallon potted plants in lightweight trays, so full-grown plants can be swapped in quickly and cleanly. This system can be a seasonal alternative in colder climates where plants can be removed for the winter or replaced entirely in the spring. The system is easy to install, including around architectural features like doors and windows.

Built on the same proprietary design as the successful indoor Versa Wall®, the Versa Wall® XT features a unique modular design for quick and easy installation and simplified maintenance – and does not require wait time for growth like pre-grown walls do. With the Versa Wall® XT, it is easy to change out individual plants, or exchange a whole wall of plants when seasons change. The Versa Wall® XT is a versatile and long-lasting green solution for shopping malls, corporate and academic campuses, hotels, airports, and more.

Featuring patented vertical irrigation technology, the Versa Wall® XT system cuts water waste, prevents oversaturation, and boosts cost efficiency by automatically running a timed gravity-based irrigation cycle two to three times per week, while other walls on the market may run several cycles each day. Completely customizable with plants local to the installation site, the Versa Wall® XT enlivens façades, cleans the air, shapes the acoustic environment, and combats the dangerous heat island effect in cities.

GSky and its dealer network design, install, and maintain all Versa Wall® XT systems, giving customers creative control over a marquee feature that lasts. Clients include Proctor & Gamble, Vancouver’s Simon Frazier University, and Europe’s largest shopping center at Westfield Mall (London, UK). GSky’s comprehensive maintenance program with hardware coverage and plant guarantee protects every Versa Wall® XT with a highly experienced team of green wall professionals.

Proctor & Gamble | Inwood, West Virginia

Outside of the Proctor & Gamble office complex in West Virginia sits a 700 sq. ft. Versa XT GSky wall.

Private Residence | Delray Beach, Florida

This GSky Versa XT serves as a vibrant exterior wall for the pool area. Because of its versatility, annuals can be added easily.

Westfield Mall | London, UK

GSky’s Versa Wall XT installed at the Westfield Mall in London is a two-sided 17,000 square foot wall that forms a promenade on one side of the mall with a back that faces homes and condominiums. This is our largest project to date.

56 Livingston | Roseland, New Jersey

This professional office compound features an outdoor lounge area where GSky’s Versa Wall XT is featured as a seasonal wall.

30 Jan GSky Surpasses 500 Versa Wall® Indoor Living Walls

Milestone for Innovative and Efficient Green Wall Design

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, announces the recent installation of the 500th Versa Wall® indoor green wall system, ideal for adding sustainable design to interior space at any scale. Engineered with a unique tray design for simplified installation and maintenance – plus higher water efficiency – the Versa Wall® is a versatile and long-lasting green solution for shopping malls, residences, corporate campuses, hotels, restaurants, and more.

GSky Versa Wall® customers include Fortune 500 companies, international airports, hotels, healthcare centers, and major universities with multiple locations. The Versa Wall®’s modular design allows for quick and easy installation, including around architectural features like doors and windows. Each Versa Wall® plant remains in its own four-inch pot, so full-grown plants can be swapped in quickly and cleanly, and walls can be redesigned at minimal cost to add seasonal color.

Featuring patented vertical irrigation technology, the Versa Wall® system cuts water waste, prevents oversaturation, and boosts cost efficiency by automatically running a timed gravity-based irrigation cycle less than once a week, while other walls on the market may run several cycles each day. Completely customizable with vibrant tropical plants, the Versa Wall® enlivens decor, cleans the air, positively impacts the acoustic environment, enhances productivity, and can be a branding feature for corporations.

GSky and its dealer network design, install, and maintain all Versa Wall® systems, giving customers creative control over a marquee feature that lasts. GSky’s comprehensive maintenance program with hardware coverage and plant guarantee protects every Versa Wall® with the most experienced team of vertical garden professionals in North America.

For more information on the Versa Wall® and examples of Versa Wall® installations from around the world, visit gsky.com/versa/.Cleantech La Living Green Wall

18 Dec Deck the Walls: Holiday Decorating With Living Plants

‘Tis The Season

Nothing rings in the holiday cheer like bold decor. While strings of lights and Frasier fir are the classic choices for holiday motifs, they are certainly not the only options when it comes to decorating. From wreaths to garland, there is no shortage of ways to bring the outdoors in for the holiday season.

Decor Without The Chore

GSky clients have the advantage of the perfect canvas when using our Versa Wall for festive design. For a quick and easy holiday embellishment, leave it to the pros and let us update your living wall. One of the simplest updates is adding a burst of color to complement your greenery. In red, pink or white, poinsettias add a lovely brightness to any living wall and are a festive choice for the season. 

Other Festive Foliage

Whether you have sprawling spaces to spruce up or you’re just looking to incorporate some seasonal cheer without breaking the bank, living plants offer a beautiful aesthetic—and even some stress relief!—to help you dress your home or office for the holidays, and we’re here to help. White, green and red are the traditional choices for the holiday season, additional colors can be just as beautiful. Some of our favorite festive plants include poinsettia, amaryllis, English ivy and mistletoe. We’ve completed holiday and other projects that run the gamut from soaring office lobbies to entire botanical gardens.

Of course, whether your space is big or small, home or office, indoors or out, no holiday decor is complete without a few boughs of holly and some classic seasonal tunes.

Looking for more design inspiration? Talk to us about installing a GSky living wall! Email us: marketing@gsky.com!

18 Nov Enhancing Living Walls With Additional Design Elements

Living walls can make an incredible impact on the design of any space, be it large, small, indoors or outdoors. They bring a vibrant, eco-friendly element that perfectly balances the design of man alongside natural beauty. To further enhance living walls, here at GSky, we regularly install design elements that can transform the space. Here are few of our personal favorites.


Fins are architectural design components that offer a louvered look, creating an aesthetic that is at once simple and ornate. For the GSky installation at Netflix, for example, the fins are designed to be an extension of the existing building, drawing the eye in a continual gaze from the ceiling rafters to the living wall. For another client, Divco, the fins place emphasis on the living wall itself, drawing sharp focus to the center. Divco Netflix


Leonard Da Vinci once famously said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we humans have such an architectural affinity for it. Water elements, like the one installed at AWeber, a client out of Chalfont, Pennsylvania, bring both visual and auditory elements to the mix, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all to enjoy.


A brand’s name and logo function as the face of the organization. They are the driving visual components of a company, and so it stands to reason that branded signage—when done correctly—can be a powerful visual to incorporate within a living wall design.   Versa Wall® at BSE Global in Brooklyn, New York.Versa Wall XT® at Proctor and Gamble in Inwood, West Virginia.


While we tend to appreciate the natural components of living walls, in some instances, pairing them with technology can really amp up the appeal. The Twitter office in Cambridge, Massachusetts did just that, designing a beautiful green wall with undulating plants around a branded monitor. Twitter monitor on living wall

Versa Wall® at Twitter in Boston, Massachusetts.

Metalic elements 

Because of the unique way they capture and reflect light, metallic elements bring a subtle and sophisticated sheen to any design scheme. With this wall installed at Vancouver International Airport, metallic blocks and a variety of green and yellow plants are arranged in an alternating pattern, giving passersby a quick pause of elemental beauty during their busy travels.

Pro Wall® at Vancouver International Airport.

Interested in a green wall? Email marketing@gsky.com!

22 Oct Does Your Lobby Make The Right First Impression?

In most businesses, the lobby is the welcoming center, sitting at the forefront of virtually every business interaction. The lobby is where visitors and clients have their first view of your organization, where they’ll wait for meetings, and so much more. But have you ever stopped to really think about what kind of impression your lobby makes? Is a client going to remember blank white walls? Probably not. Artwork? Perhaps. But for a lasting impression that is equally impressive and inviting, consider the addition of a stunning vertical garden to your reception area.

Living wall lobby Versa Wall® at Three Ravinia Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Green Walls: A Healthy Consideration

As green walls gain popularity, business owners and developers alike are recognizing their benefits. Thanks to living, breathing plants, green walls improve air quality with natural air filtration, reducing pollutants and keeping things fresh. With thoughtful design, green walls can also help deaden sound in large spaces, preventing noisy echoing. What’s more: A flourishing green wall is good for your health! There is increasing evidence that indoor plants positively affect our minds and our bodies, specifically as it relates to psychophysiological stress responses, alertness and energy levels.

Green wall lobby Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa Versa Wall® at Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa in Hutchinson Island, Florida.

The Push for Sustainability

The push for green walls is also part of the move toward sustainability in construction design. Green building initiatives are attracting a lot of well-deserved attention for their contribution to improving mankind’s footprint on the planet.

green wall lobby embassy suites amarillo Versa Wall® at Embassy Suites in Amarillo, Texas.

Beauty in Design

Green walls are more than just an environmental initiative; they truly are at the cutting edge of design. Living walls offer an inviting appeal like no other, captivating people with unique distinguishing factors that add incredible visual impact and a sense of elegance to every project.

green wall lobby bse global Versa Wall® at BSE Global in Brooklyn, New York.

Transform Space

From health to sustainability to great design, green walls can completely transform any space. If you’re ready to give your lobby an uplift, give us a call.

green wall lobby Paraiso Complex Versa Wall® at Paraiso Complex in Miami, Florida.

Interested in a green wall? Email marketing@gsky.com!

25 Sep Incorporate a Green Wall for Parking Garages

Parking garages are critical components of urban design, but they don’t have to be all function and no fashion. Today’s architects are elevating the design of modern parking structures by balancing structural soundness, sustainability, and aesthetics, and incorporating a variety of natural elements.

Living wall on a parking garage Basic Wall® at Yoo on the Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

More Jungle, Less Concrete

Most of us don’t give a second thought to where we park our cars when we go shopping or to the doctor or to work. But parking structures are a crucial component of community planning. Without them, our city streets would be even more congested, and accessibility to retail, offices and other buildings would be limited. Parking garages afford us multistory spaces that free up our common areas and make our cities more enjoyable.   

Green wall in Hyde Resort & Residences Basic Wall® at Hyde Resort & Residences in Hollywood, Florida.

Adding Delight to the Dull

Installing a green wall onto a concrete structure brings life to an otherwise mundane piece of architecture. Living walls improve the style of the framework while reducing noise and air pollution.

Vertical garden in Delaware Pro Wall® at Incyte Pharmaceuticals in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biophilia in Design

Another great aspect of this green trend in parking garages is Biophilia. Scientifically speaking, humans are attracted to nature. Biophilia is a philosophy that refers to mankind’s biological connections to the natural world around us. Biophilic design takes this concept into the architectural realm, placing deep emphasis on incorporating the natural world into the environments we build. Decorative living walls and green spaces like GSky delivers are deeply rooted in biophilic design, bringing beauty and well-being to what might otherwise be rigid, concrete gray cityscapes.

parking garages with green walls Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

Endless Possibilities

Artistic and unique plant design complements the architecture of any parking garage. Interior or exterior, understated or expansive, GSky has a variety of green walls to suit every climate and location.

Green wall with parking garage at night Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

Interested in a green wall? Email marketing@gsky.com!