22 Oct Does Your Lobby Make The Right First Impression?

In most businesses, the lobby is the welcoming center, sitting at the forefront of virtually every business interaction. The lobby is where visitors and clients have their first view of your organization, where they’ll wait for meetings, and so much more. But have you ever stopped to really think about what kind of impression your lobby makes? Is a client going to remember blank white walls? Probably not. Artwork? Perhaps. But for a lasting impression that is equally impressive and inviting, consider the addition of a stunning vertical garden to your reception area.

Living wall lobby Versa Wall® at Three Ravinia Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Green Walls: A Healthy Consideration

As green walls gain popularity, business owners and developers alike are recognizing their benefits. Thanks to living, breathing plants, green walls improve air quality with natural air filtration, reducing pollutants and keeping things fresh. With thoughtful design, green walls can also help deaden sound in large spaces, preventing noisy echoing. What’s more: A flourishing green wall is good for your health! There is increasing evidence that indoor plants positively affect our minds and our bodies, specifically as it relates to psychophysiological stress responses, alertness and energy levels.

Green wall lobby Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa Versa Wall® at Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa in Hutchinson Island, Florida.

The Push for Sustainability

The push for green walls is also part of the move toward sustainability in construction design. Green building initiatives are attracting a lot of well-deserved attention for their contribution to improving mankind’s footprint on the planet.

green wall lobby embassy suites amarillo Versa Wall® at Embassy Suites in Amarillo, Texas.

Beauty in Design

Green walls are more than just an environmental initiative; they truly are at the cutting edge of design. Living walls offer an inviting appeal like no other, captivating people with unique distinguishing factors that add incredible visual impact and a sense of elegance to every project.

green wall lobby bse global Versa Wall® at BSE Global in Brooklyn, New York.

Transform Space

From health to sustainability to great design, green walls can completely transform any space. If you’re ready to give your lobby an uplift, give us a call.

green wall lobby Paraiso Complex Versa Wall® at Paraiso Complex in Miami, Florida.

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25 Sep Incorporate a Green Wall for Parking Garages

Parking garages are critical components of urban design, but they don’t have to be all function and no fashion. Today’s architects are elevating the design of modern parking structures by balancing structural soundness, sustainability, and aesthetics, and incorporating a variety of natural elements.

Living wall on a parking garage Basic Wall® at Yoo on the Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

More Jungle, Less Concrete

Most of us don’t give a second thought to where we park our cars when we go shopping or to the doctor or to work. But parking structures are a crucial component of community planning. Without them, our city streets would be even more congested, and accessibility to retail, offices and other buildings would be limited. Parking garages afford us multistory spaces that free up our common areas and make our cities more enjoyable.   

Green wall in Hyde Resort & Residences Basic Wall® at Hyde Resort & Residences in Hollywood, Florida.

Adding Delight to the Dull

Installing a green wall onto a concrete structure brings life to an otherwise mundane piece of architecture. Living walls improve the style of the framework while reducing noise and air pollution.

Vertical garden in Delaware Pro Wall® at Incyte Pharmaceuticals in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biophilia in Design

Another great aspect of this green trend in parking garages is Biophilia. Scientifically speaking, humans are attracted to nature. Biophilia is a philosophy that refers to mankind’s biological connections to the natural world around us. Biophilic design takes this concept into the architectural realm, placing deep emphasis on incorporating the natural world into the environments we build. Decorative living walls and green spaces like GSky delivers are deeply rooted in biophilic design, bringing beauty and well-being to what might otherwise be rigid, concrete gray cityscapes.

parking garages with green walls Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

Endless Possibilities

Artistic and unique plant design complements the architecture of any parking garage. Interior or exterior, understated or expansive, GSky has a variety of green walls to suit every climate and location.

Green wall with parking garage at night Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

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20 Aug Living Walls Take Root in The Modern Shopping Experience

December 2012 – Phase 1

Shopping centers are “Alive” and expanding globally

The Avenues is Kuwait’s most prestigious landmark to date and the country’s largest shopping and leisure destination. A total of 5200 square feet, the Versa Wall is located in Grande Avenue district, one of the design districts in the shopping center. The first Versa Wall installation served as a design launching point to the incorporation of a further five phase follow up.

February 2018 – Phase 2

Retail centers leverage green walls to add a “wow factor” to the shopping experience

Living wall in a mallThe design of much of the mall features five organic, flowing shapes and lends itself perfectly to the incorporation of living green wall elements. Green walls also improve the health of people since cleaner and more purified air circulates to carefully remove impurities and supply cleaner air to the environment. With high arching ceilings of glass that are pressurized to reduce heat transfer from the temperatures outside, the space allows for some of the most visually spectacular indoor green wall applications.The Avenue Mall in KuwaitThe first Green Wall of this second phase is situated around the “Eye of the Avenues” an 18’ high dome of glass fragmented into a set of triangular flat planes to the far end of the impressive Grand Avenue. The second and third green wall locations are in the brand new Grand Arcade, a new district that is of a more enclosed design compared to the open concept of the Grand Avenue.Kuwait living wall in The Avenues

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30 Jul Plant Design: Vancouver Airport Living Wall’s New Look

Located immediately outside the international arrivals gate at the YVR Canada Line Station is this living green wall. Originally installed in 2009 using GSky Plant System’s Pro Wall®, this north facing wall has become an area landmark. In 2018 this wall was upgraded to GSky’s new Versa Wall XT® system with panels added to enhance the design.

Standing 50 feet (15.24 meters) high, this wall has a sincere presence about it. Though the layout may seem simple, it is symbolic. Like its predecessor, the inspiration for this project was drawn from the mountains. Adding powder coated aluminum inserts enhance the original design with texture and interest—which is all easily managed through the Versa Wall XT® structure.Incorporating both industrial and natural elements into the updated plant design, this renovation strives to create a visually interesting concept for a green wall while keeping the original design intent. The rigid, geometric openings allow the potted plants to peek through, creating a true work of art for passing travelers to enjoy.Developed for exterior walls, the Versa Wall XT® is designed to withstand Mother Nature and simplify maintenance. Instead of having pre-planted panels, the Versa Wall XT® holds one-gallon potted plants. The potted plants allow for quicker maintenance and plant replacement to keep the green wall looking full. Along with built-in water efficiency and pot management systems, this makes the living wall better suited for colder climates. With the updated frame and plant design, this living wall will be standing for years to come.

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22 May Hanging Garden Custom Design for McGuire Building

Living walls can enhance many spaces, both aesthetically and environmentally. But sometimes there isn’t a wall available for installation. Such was the challenge GSky faced with the McGuire Building in San Francisco: The building owners desired a vertical garden as a centerpiece for their modern, open office space, but lacked dedicated structural space.

Ready to conquer the challenge, GSky’s team got to work, installing three cylindrical pillars suspended from the ceiling through two floors, not touching the bottom floor. The pillar style incorporates GSky’s trusted Versa Wall® technology, which allows for modular pots and evenly watered plants. Utilizing the same technology in a different way, GSky created these suspended living walls out of corner trays connected together to create three circular-shaped walls.

The technology functions the same way it would on any GSky Versa Wall®, including industry-standard pots that allow for adaptability in design, as well as a drip-line watering system that flows through the wall into a planter bed, irrigating the plants throughout. Once the frame was settled, it was time to dive into plant design. With a full 360-degree view, this wall required an arrangement that would flourish at every angle. To create a visual flow from ceiling to floor, GSky installed 725 4-inch potted plants across the hanging cylinders.

To enhance the look and health of the plants, 360-degree lighting was installed on the surrounding the walls. This lighting allows observers from both the lobby and lower-level office space to enjoy the hanging garden.

To maintain the living wall, complete with trimming, repotting, and other upkeep, GSky uses a scissor lift, which provides ample accessibility. Like any wall they install, GSky has a variety of maintenance measures in place for the McGuire building, ensuring the spectacular garden thrives throughout the years.

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16 Apr Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Have a Green Living Wall

As humans, we long to be close to nature. Unfortunately, most work environments, especially those in the healthcare industry, are not designed with the natural world in mind. But according to science, maybe they should be. Plants, flowers, and other greeneries have shown to improve productivity and reduce stress in the workplace.

Healthcare employees are some of the most stressed out in the nation: In a recent survey, 69 percent of workers reported feeling stressed, and 17 percent reported feeling highly stressed. This is due to the intense nature of the job, but also has a lot to do with the sterile atmosphere in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics, which typically have little to no greenery.

Some reasons to welcome plants into high-stress environments include:

Decreased Stress

Bringing greenery into the workplace has been proven to reduce blood pressure — a primary marker of an individual’s stress levels. In workplaces such as healthcare facilities, reducing the level of stress can greatly improve employees’ performance.   

Increased Productivity

Staying attentive is vital for employees, especially those in healthcare. In a study conducted by Texas A&M University, participants were found to be more productive in an environment where there were plants compared to environments without them.  

Cleaner Air

Through photosynthesis, plants improve air quality and provide energy-rich oxygen. By removing toxins in the air, capturing dust, and pushing out fresh oxygen, plants allow you to take a breath of fresh air inside.

Higher Level of Well-Being

Happiness dramatically impacts workers’ performance. Operating in an enjoyable environment keeps employees happy and healthy. A report conducted by Human Spaces noticed a 15 percent increase in well-being when plants were incorporated into a work environment.

If you’re thinking this all sounds amazing, but there is no way you can fit potted plants throughout your healthcare facility, we have a solution: green walls. Vertical gardens give you all the benefits of indoor greenery, even with limited space, beautifying an already existing wall area.

Increased Patient Recovery Time

The common goal of everyone inside a healthcare facility is to leave healthier. Integrating foliage into hospitals has been shown to reduce time spent in rehabilitation. Providing patients the ability to go back to normal life more quickly, but also have a better quality of life while there.

Here are some examples GSky Plant Systems has designed, installed, and currently maintain:

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic’s wellness offerings and services for healthy individuals and patients help improve their overall wellness. To compliment the center’s comprehensive approach to wellness, GSky installed a Versa Wall® to accent the lobby with living, breathing plants that will transform the interior into a relaxing oasis for the patients. The Versa Wall® is a fantastic display of living art that represents Mayo Clinic’s commitment to providing the best care to every patient.

Sparrow Health System

Sparrow has grown to become the Mid-Michigan region’s largest health system, and its diverse range of facilities offer residents some of the most advanced medical technology available in the world.

Sparrow has two Lansing campuses, Sparrow Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns, Sparrow Ionia Hospital in Ionia, and an affiliate hospital, Carson City Hospital. The health system has dozens of satellite care centers. Sparrow also offers the Michigan Athletic Club, a 276,000 square foot facility voted one of the country’s top health clubs.

Hudson Spine

GSky has installed six Versa Walls® at Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine, located in New York, NY. Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine, led by Dr. Jonathann Kuo, is a multi-specialty medical practice focused on Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, and Wellness.

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan North Health Center opened its doors in January 1995 making it Dayton’s first comprehensive facility devoted exclusively to outpatient care. With a commitment to putting patients first, Good Samaritan North Health Center’s newly renovated reception area incorporates a Versa Wall® system is designed for comfort, convenience, and reassurance.

Maine General Hospital

Kennebec Valley’s leading healthcare provider and Maine’s third-largest health care system, Maine General Hospital is a comprehensive non-profit organization. This 140 square foot Versa Wall® is situated in a waiting area for patients, accompanying them as they wait to be treated.

Carlingwood Dental

From general dentistry to cutting-edge procedures, Carlingwood Dental Centre employs the latest educational and technological advances to help you get the bite you need and the smile you want. Located at the front entrance, this Versa Wall® greets patients as they enter the building and nearby the staff throughout the day. 

Gilchrist Hospice Center

Gilchrist Hospice Care, a non-profit organization, is the largest hospice in Maryland and provides the highest quality hospice and support services, whether home-based or inpatient, to thousands of individuals and families residing throughout Central Maryland each year.

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28 Sep A Winning Combination: Living Walls and Staircases

Incorporating living walls and staircases into large reception areas, retail spaces, gathering spaces, etc. serves not only as focal points but provide a natural environment to “hike” up the stairs promoting wellness. Here are just a few examples:

Nixon Peabody LLP


This Washington based law firm decided to make their office open, modern, and green! Their three-story Versa Wall® consists of seven different species of plants which can be viewed while traveling from floor to floor. The living wall welcomes visitors and employees by acting as the focal point in this part of the office.


living-wall-with-staircase-gsky-sonosOffering their consumers wireless home or office speakers, Sonos is not tied down by generic walls or staircases in their office. Instead this 1,309 square foot Versa Wall® acts as a gateway for staff and visitors between the lobby and a food service area. On the ground, staircase, or second floor you cannot miss the impact that this green wall has on the room.  


living-wall-staircase-lenovoStanding tall beside the winding three-story staircase is a large three-story green wall composed of four different plants forming a braided pattern traveling up the wall. The sections stand alone on their respective floors, but if you take a step back you can see how they flow as one.

West Elm Tottenham

living-wall-staircase-gskyThis award-winning design was done for one of our corporate clients in their store in Tottenham, England. Green walls have become a unique, fashionable fixture for the brand and conveys their aim to be green. The verdant living wall is located above the main stairwell, serving as the store’s centerpiece to greet customers and alike as they enter the store.

Steptoe & Johnson

living-wall-staircase-gskyThree living walls, with one each on either side of the firm’s main entrance and one reaching up the stairs, greet lawyers and clients as they enter. An international law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., it is the 93rd highest-grossing law firm in the United States according to Am Law 100.

Kal Tire

The first GSky commercial project in the Okanagan Valley, this 254 square foot wall welcomes people descending the staircase into the atrium, creating a soft atmosphere alongside the concrete staircase and floor.

NY Brooklyn Residence

More than just a house plant, this living wall is the focal point of the home. The 180 square foot wall follows the stairs up to the second floor to a skylight that brightens the whole house. Residents get to enjoy the living wall from all areas of the home as the living spaces encircle the Versa Wall®.  

Shake Shack Al Fanar Mall in Kuwait

Walking into this Shake Shack, you’re not just going to get good food, but also a green view with some fresh air on the side. Peeking through to guests on the top and bottom floor, visitors get to experience the full wall while descending down the stairs.

16 Mar 5 Reasons Why Living Green Walls Are The Future

The exponential growth of green design, clean technology, and environmental awareness has created a sharp demand for living walls – its concept dates all the way back to the 1930s but has just recently gained momentum in all sectors and industries of business. The Versa Wall & Pro Wall are clean examples of this. Why?

What started as an architectural movement in design has now become a symbol of environmental consciousness for both businesses and consumers. Architects, commercial real estate developers and residents now recognize the importance of going green, being eco-friendly, and incorporating environmental themes in their living and work spaces.

And the movement is only just beginning – green design has moved from simple installations on buildings to being incorporated into buildings. The symbolic effect is huge – businesses want to inject ‘green’ into their mission because they know that vertical gardens are valuable to their employees and clients.

Here are a few reasons why you should keep living walls on the lookout:

They’re already here
Metropolitan areas are notorious for the urban heat island effect. As a result, major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle are pioneering the growth of living walls, contributing to approximately 25% rate of development for vertical gardens. With such dense populations and commercial building, it’s no wonder that people want to bring nature back into their lives. The result? 68% of businesses that have a living wall report happier employees and stronger client relations.

Clean Technology
With the world slowly moving away from fossil fuel extraction, businesses that develop clean energy and green technology solutions are going to pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable environment. As more and more people realize that going green is beneficial for their health and the economy, living walls will be one of the easiest and most cost-effective green ways to alleviate environmental concerns.

Going Up? Vertical Architecture means Vertical Gardens
In Shenzhen, China, architects are working on building a vertical city – the first of its kind anywhere on the globe. On the other side of the world, Mexico City has implemented a vertical garden solution on the columns supporting its highways in order to alleviate the greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. As cities and municipal governments begin to incorporate these elements of green design into urban plans, more businesses will catch on as well.

Reduced Energy Costs
The fact is that having more plants in an area cools down the need for electric and gas fans and air conditioning. By installing your own living green wall, you not only cleanse the air but cool it through a process known as ‘evapotranspiration.’ If that word got you in a tongue twister, don’t worry — evapotranspiration essentially means that the sum of evaporation from the soil and plants is the same.

This process can reduce temperatures from 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, which results in a huge amount of savings in electricity and gas month-on-month!

Increased Real Estate Value
The physical benefits of living green walls are immense, but the financial value is often understated studies show that buildings that have living green walls jump in value — sometimes by 12% or more! In addition, they help buildings qualify for the prestigious LEED rating as well.

If you haven’t already considered it, a living green wall may be just what you need to bump up your building. The benefits of going green aren’t limited to just the physical or financial — whether you’re looking to install a beautiful work of art or alleviate environmental degradation, living walls can help.