12 Nov GSky® Versa Wall® Installed at BP’s U.S. Headquarters

Living wall part of a thoughtful redesign after Hurricane Harvey flooded building’s ground floor

GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, announces it supplied a Versa Wall® Living Wall for the newly renovated BP U.S. headquarters, the oil company’s largest office. The building, which along with the rest of Houston’s Energy Corridor, had flooded during Hurricane Harvey and re-opened in May 2018. This first-floor overhaul was finalized in October 2019.

The Versa Wall® system, typically designed for interior spaces, is installed in a very protected exterior location. Thanks to Houston’s mild climate, the living green wall system will thrive at the front entrance of the BP office. Incorporating colors and shapes evoking BP’s iconic logo, the Versa Wall® is the focal point of the building garden-like entry space.

GSky was chosen to supply this artistic element to the redesigned building entry because of its versatility, design capabilities, and proven reputation.

Engineered with a unique tray design for simplified installation and maintenance – plus higher water efficiency – the Versa Wall® is the most versatile system on the market. Featuring a modular design that allows for quick and easy installation, the Versa Wall® can be easily configured to any size and installed around doors, windows, corners, stairs, or columns. It can also incorporate other design elements, including artwork. Each Versa Wall® plant remains in its own four-inch pot, so mature plants can be swapped in quickly and cleanly, and walls can be redesigned at minimal cost to add seasonal color.

The Versa Wall® system does not require constant watering, which promotes plant health and supports sustainability. Featuring patented vertical irrigation technology, the Versa Wall® system cuts water waste, prevents oversaturation, and boosts cost efficiency by automatically running a timed gravity-based irrigation cycle less than once a week, while other walls on the market may run several cycles each day. Completely customizable with vibrant tropical plants, the Versa Wall® enlivens decor, cleans the air, positively impacts the acoustic environment, and enhances productivity.

07 Oct GSky’s Living Green Walls are Ideal for Parking Garage Installation

Innovative living green wall design improves aesthetics and environmental  impact

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, highlights that its exterior living green walls are ideally suited to installation on parking garage façades.

Parking structures are a crucial component of community planning that reduce congestion on city streets and improve access to retail, offices, residences, and other buildings. Living green walls can dramatically improve the aesthetics of parking structures, introducing beautiful living vegetation into the urban landscape. Green walls serve to reduce air pollution and dampen sound, thus improving quality of life around the garage buildings. GSky’s Director of Artistic Horticulture Design Debbie Kotalic explains, “A GSky® living green wall is a way of calming the concrete jungle.”

GSky’s exterior Pro Wall® is ideal for high design in very visible areas, such as retail developments, office complexes, and more. Featuring custom panels, this highly robust product can make a huge visual impact. With climate in mind, GSky’s experts can help create stunning visual designs on large parking garage façades with the Pro Wall® product.

The Versa Wall® XT allows for thriving living green walls in colder climates than the Pro Wall®, with moderate designability. GSky’s Versa Wall® XT uses 1-gallon potted plants and a proprietary, patented system that makes it the industry’s easiest to install and maintain. Versa Wall® XT installations were designed to reduce wait time for plant growth, thus simplifying the process of improving environmental impact and meeting regulatory needs for new and existing parking structures.

Finally, GSky’s Basic Wall® screening is the company’s most cost-effective option with all the environmental benefits of a living green wall. Especially suited to projects reaching particularly tall heights, the Basic Wall screening utilizes 7-gallon potted plants. It is gaining particular popularity in cities and towns that require vegetation on buildings, as it simplifies the process of adding living plants to new and existing buildings.

Transwestern | West Hollywood, California

GSky’s Pro Wall® installation in West Hollywood beautifies this parking garage while providing significant environmental benefits.

Vancouver International Airport | Vancouver, BC

This GSky® Versa Wall® XT installation at the Vancouver International Airport can withstand winters and adds a beautiful design element to the airport’s overall appearance.

Hyde Beach Resort & Residences | Hallandale Beach, Florida

This GSky® Basic Wall® at Hyde Beach Resort & Residences meets the structural engineering, cost, maintenance needs, and building coverage developers and architects required.

Beachwalk Resort Garage | Hallandale Beach, Florida

This GSky® Basic Wall® enhances the exterior façade of an open air parking garage in South Florida and creates an artistic landscape that is visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

12 Jul Innovation In Design & Practice

Growth Of The Living Green Wall Market

In the short span of fifteen years, the global market has moved beyond blanket skepticism of living green walls to enthusiasm, a shift instigated largely by innovations in design and business practices from pioneering provider GSky Plant Systems. Before the arrival of a true system, the green wall market was defined by disorganization and wall failure. The adoption of a focus on long-term success for each specific wall drove a surge in popularity, and the resulting modular designs have allowed architects to reimagine the role of walls from simply vegetation to another artistic medium.


Architectural ambition pushes the limits of living green wall systems. Many of GSky’s most successful recent projects have fulfilled the imaginings of an innovative architect, including walls that design in logos, sweeping curves, divider blinds, television monitors and more.


The Pro Wall® for exterior remains especially adept at reaching new heights on tall structures. Nevertheless, some of these dream concepts require further creative engineering and design on the part of living green wall providers, and some are simply not feasible given the very real limitations of the living components of some walls. Expertise on the part of providers will continue to define the possible and push to the edge of plants’ abilities.


GSky’s worldwide network of dealers draw on unparalleled expertise to implement high-quality living wall solutions throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceana, and elsewhere. Explore our website to learn more.