Green wall plant design in Canada

Plant Design: Vancouver Airport Living Wall’s New Look

Located immediately outside the international arrivals gate at the YVR Canada Line Station, is this living green wall. Originally installed in 2009 using GSky Plant System’s Pro Wall®, this north facing wall had become an area landmark. However, it was time for a change in. Both in the plant design and frame of the living wall.

Although the Pro Wall® did its job the past seven years, Canada’s harsh weather along with the elaborate plant design was wearing on the maintenance team. The constant upkeep was making the wall unmanageable. Fortunately, the Versa Wall XT® was specifically created for these scenarios.

Standing 50 feet (15.24 meters) high, this wall has a sincere presence about it. Though the layout may seem simple, it is symbolic. Like its predecessor, the inspiration for this project was drawn from the mountains, only this time in a minimalist fashion. Adding powder coated aluminum inserts enhance the design with texture and interest when fused with the plant design—which is all easily managed through the Versa Wall TX® structure.

Incorporating both industrial and natural elements into the updated plant design, this renovation proves that aluminum and plants aren’t mutually exclusive. The rigid, geometric openings allow the potted plants to peek through, creating a true work of art for passing travelers to enjoy.

Developed for exterior walls, the Versa Wall XT® is designed to withstand Mother Nature and simplify maintenance. Instead of having pre-potted panels, the Versa Wall XT® holds one-gallon trays. The larger trays allow for quicker maintenance such as full plant replacements to keep the green wall looking full. Along with built-in water efficiency and pot management systems, this makes the living wall ideal for colder climates—something the Pro Wall® struggled with. With the updated frame and plant design, this living wall will be standing for years to come with minimal maintenance.   

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