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Planning is key to a successful green wall. Clear and complete shop drawings, good coordination between all trades and consultants and a beautiful plant design will result in a successful and sustainable green wall. Before the design begins, the owner or architect usually presents a concept for the green wall. Our estimation team then determines the feasibility of that concept in terms of maintenance access, installation logistics, desired plant types, etc. If adjustments are necessary they are then made and a quotation is presented to proceed. Once the quotation has been accepted by the Owner, contract signed and deposit made, GSky’s project team begins working on the design. The design team addresses everything from structural load to water supply lines to plant design. They also work out installation coordination schedules, delivery access, and develop a maintenance access plan. A successful installation and maintenance program means there was good communication during the design process that resulted in a thorough and well-planned out Green Wall.

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As a Green living wall development company, we proudly offer some of the best and easiest green living walls systems globally to help green the built environment