A Winning Combination: Living Walls and Staircases

Incorporating living walls and staircases into large reception areas, retail spaces, gathering spaces, etc. serves not only as focal points but provide a natural environment to “hike” up the stairs promoting wellness.

7 Schools that are Home to Green Walls

Concrete buildings, empty hallways, and outdated architecture are what fills up many schools. But, that’s not the case for the institutes that bring in living walls to their academic areas.

6 Beautiful Vertical Gardens Ideas

The news is in: vertical gardens are here to stay. As gardeners become more focused on the future of environmentalism and architecture, gardens are adapting to new demands of the marketplace by moving up.

5 Reasons Why Living Green Walls Are The Future

The exponential growth of green design, clean technology, and environmental awareness has created a sharp demand for living walls – its concept dates all the way back to the 1930s but has just recently gained momentum in all sectors and industries of business.

Benefits of Green Walls

Also referred to as wall garden, bio wall or vertical garden, a green wall is a peculiar type of garden which grows vertically and can be built both on the exterior and interior side of a building. Some of the more popular green wall systems are tray systems, pre-grown panel systems, and trellis vining systems.