Incorporate a Green Wall for Parking Garages

Parking garages are critical components of urban design, but they don’t have to be all function and no fashion. Today’s architects are elevating the design of modern parking structures by balancing structural soundness, sustainability, and aesthetics, and incorporating a variety of natural elements.

Living Walls Take Root in The Modern Shopping Experience

The Avenues is Kuwait’s most prestigious landmark to date and the country’s largest shopping and leisure destination. A total of 5200 square feet, the Versa Wall is located in Grande Avenue district, one of the design districts in the shopping center.

Plant Design: Vancouver Airport Living Wall’s New Look

Located immediately outside the international arrivals gate at the YVR Canada Line Station is this living green wall. Originally installed in 2009 using GSky Plant System’s Pro Wall®, this north facing wall has become an area landmark. In 2018 this wall was upgraded to GSky’s new Versa Wall XT® system with panels added to enhance the design.

Hanging Garden Custom Design for McGuire Building

Living walls can enhance many spaces, both aesthetically and environmentally. But sometimes there isn’t a wall available for installation. Such was the challenge GSky faced with the McGuire Building in San Francisco.

Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Have a Green Living Wall

As humans, we long to be close to nature. Unfortunately, most work environments, especially those in the healthcare industry, are not designed with the natural world in mind. But according to science, maybe they should be. Plants, flowers, and other greeneries have shown to improve productivity and reduce stress in the workplace.

Bomb Cyclone Didn’t Stop GSky From Installing Green Walls

2017 ended, and 2018 started, with a “bomb cyclone” bringing snow, ice & wind chills that reportedly plunged temperatures in the Northeast below 20 degrees several times. While the weather made life miserable outside, GSky brought vibrant nature and beauty inside by installing five living walls all during the winter storm. This was not an easy feat, but the experience, planning & partners that GSky has in place made the process possible.

GSky Versa Wall® Color Program Provides Adaptable Designs

GSky's Versa Walls® are customizable and are made to easily change out existing plants and replace them with colorful foliage to match the season or holiday. The durable wall provides the freedom of keeping one design all year long or swapping it out for multiple occasions.

Visit These Green Walls While Traveling This Season

The holiday season brings people together, meaning you’ll probably be commuting through an airport to see your loved ones or friends. In several airports throughout North America, you’ll find a vertical living wall.

Upscale Your Home With A Living Wall

Designed into a home in the D.C. area stands a 272 sq. ft. living wall complete with Buddhist and Hindu Statuary collected by the homeowner in her travels.