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The Versa Wall® is GSky’s patented modular tray system. The Versa Wall® is the industry’s premier interior system in terms of designability, installation ease and maintenance. Our patented modular trays are made in different lengths, which allows the system to configure to any size and accomplish design features like trimless 90-degree corners, column wraps and intricate coverage around doors and windows. The Versa Wall’s high designability and custom sizing capabilities make this the go to system for interior use.
The Versa Wall® is water efficient because each individual 4” plant receives its very own water. The Versa does not require constant watering, which is beneficial for plant health and sustainability. The system eliminates the mess and need for repotting. The individually potted 4” plants allow for the quick and easy addition of seasonal colors, as plant replacement is cost effective and effortless.
Comprehensive design development & preconstruction services. Expert plant design from GSky’s in-house horticultural design team. Living green wall shop drawings by GSky.
Custom, turn-key living green walls with installation by GSky. Fully installed living green wall systems that are beautiful and vibrant on day 1.
Maintenance programs by GSky with plant replacement guarantees & system warranties. Expert maintenance preserves living green walls as beautiful and long-lasting centerpieces.
Cad & Specs
Resource for all GSky system information & specifications. CAD drawings in various formats including DWG, PDF, VWX and DXF.
Inspiration for your potential interior or exterior living green wall project. GSky’s project library featuring pics & info on the 1000+ green wall projects that we’ve completed, worldwide.

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