The Easiest Interior Green Wall System on the Market

The easiest system on the market.



Our patented modular tray system, The Versa Wall®, is the easiest system on the market to design, install and maintain indoors. The trays are made in different lengths, allowing the system to configure to any size and can install around doors or windows and wrap around corners or columns.

The Versa Wall® is water-efficient  each plant gets its own water. It does not require constant watering, which is beneficial for plant health and sustainability. Using 4” potted plants makes it easy to keep the green living wall looking full. It also allows you to quickly ad seasonal colors, and plant replacements are effortless without the mess of repotting.

Planning is key to a successful Green Wall. Clear and complete shop drawings, good coordination between all trades and consultants, and a beautiful plant design using the right mix of plants will result in a successful and sustainable Green Wall.
Bringing thousands of live plants into a building requires special consideration. GSky has developed proven processes, an Authorized Dealer training program, and a comprehensive warranty to ensure that your Green Wall remains alive, beautiful, and vibrant.
GSky’s 3-point maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the industry. GSky requires maintenance on all of its walls for the first year. Only through proper care will your Green Wall be a beautiful, affordable, and long-lasting centerpiece.
Cad & Specs
We provide CAD Drawings for all our products in various formats, including DWG, DXF, VWX, PDF, and more.
In our, Gallery we compiled a few of our projects to provide you with some inspiration. These projects are a small selection of over 1000+ Green Walls we have built over the years.

Greening the Built Environment

As a Green living wall development company, we proudly offer some of the best and easiest green living walls systems globally to meet your needs and help green the built environment.