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GSky Developed and introduced the VERSA WALL® system in 2011 due to our dissatisfaction with the performance and upkeep of pre-planted panels indoors. Our patented modular tray system, the Versa Wall®, is the easiest system on the market to design, install, and maintain indoors.

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Are you planning a living wall?
Our team will help determine the feasibility of your green living wall concept in terms of maintenance access, installation logistics, desired plant types, Etc. After confirming the project is feasible and approved, our design team addresses everything from structural load to water supply lines to plant design. They also work out installation coordination schedules, delivery access and develop a maintenance access plan. A successful installation and maintenance program means good communication during the design process resulted in a thorough and well-planned Green Wall.
Additionally, we can help integrate other elements into your green living wall concept.

Click here to visit our CADdetails Microsite and download our green living wall cad files, support documents, and more or schedule a consultation to discuss the possibilities.

Greening the Built Environment

As a Green living wall development company, we proudly offer some of the best and easiest green living walls systems globally to help green the built environment