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System Design

Technical system design of Basic Wall System.


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Basic Wall dripline provides water to every panel on the wall. Each panel has 6 drip emitters that evenly distribute water throughout the panel and prevents dry spots from occurring.



Plant Design Process

In a typical construction scenario where a design group is involved, GSky will work with the owner and design groups to take your design wishes and turn them into a beautiful plant design. GSky’s designers will work directly with the owner group to provide turnkey design/build solutions.

Coordination Process

1) Ongoing discussion with owners/architects about design intent for the space.

2) Evaluate the site and environmental conditions for plant material.

3) Formulate the plant design concept with suggested plants once the shop drawing sign-off is obtained.

4) Once design concept is finalized and approved the realistic install date is established so plants can be secured.

5) Plants and materials are sent to the nursery who will plant it up into the final design to grow for the agreed upon time which depends on the time of year and region and plants desired.

Design Intent

The Basic Wall is designed to provide solid and continuous screening year round. Sections range from 16 to 32 sq ft. and are typically installed using one vine type, creating a monolithic pattern. In larger wall applications, it is possible to intersperse blooming and colorful foliage vines into the design, or customize your project by incorporating a GSky Pro Wall into the design.

Size, climate and wall orientation are all taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate vine for your project.



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