GSky Receives Biophilic Design Awards from I-Plants Magazine

For more than 17 years, GSky® Plant Systems, Inc. has designed, built, and maintained Living Green Walls worldwide. GSky’s portfolio of Versa, Pro, and Basic Living Green Walls has made it the leader in the “green’ industry, with beautiful and innovative creations adorning the interiors and exteriors of Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

If Done Right, Green Walls are Highly Beneficial

Green wall benefits are numerous if executed properly. Indoor living wall systems purify the air, help buildings become more energy-efficient, reduce ambient noise, increase feelings of well-being, and reduce the heat island effect in urban areas.

The Importance of Biophilic Design in Office Spaces Post COVID-19

What will office life be like after the pandemic has ended? As we consider the implications of COVID-19 on traditional office spaces, we primarily think of social distancing at work and the sanitization of shared surfaces. Especially now, we can’t discount the now essential element of biophilic design.