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All Products

Custom Interior & Exterior Green Wall Solutions

With the right system and a bit of planning, you can have a beautiful and thriving Green Wall in a huge variety of locations and designs. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property developer, GSky has the living wall solution to fit your needs.

Versa Wall


Versa Wall tray system utilizes a variety of 4″ potted plants and is ideal for interior projects.

Versa Wall XT


Versa Wall XT exterior system uses 1-gallon potted plants, eliminating grow time.

Pro Wall


Pro Wall pre-grown panels, for exterior walls where durability and customization are needed.

Basic Wall


Basic Wall screen system, ideal for large area coverage, in an exterior application.

Designer Series Products

Simple to install and easy to care for, our Designer Series Products have been developed to allow for personal Green Wall installations in small office, residential or retail applications. Create a splash of color in a room or put several units together for a more dramatic effect.

Smart Wall® Cabinet

Fully contained system that does not require any special water or drain connections.

E-Z Kit Wall

Easy to assemble with included parts on pre-cut backing and trim. Simply attach or hang on a wall.

Accent Frame

The Accent Frame can be mounted both vertically or horizontally.


What do I need in place to install a Green Wall?

Typical requirements for a green wall are a water supply source, a drainage point, power for the irrigation components and proper lighting. Your wall will need to be able to support the weight of the green wall system as well.

Where can a green wall be installed?

For interiors, you can install a green wall just about anywhere as long as there is ample light (supplemental lighting recommended) and access for maintenance. For exteriors, the same applies in addition to seasonal and temperature change considerations.

What types of plant designs are available?

The Versa Wall and Pro Wall allow for the broadest range of design patterns, and we have an on-staff horticulturist to work with you on all custom green wall options. With the right conditions, curves, shapes, patterns and even logos are possible in the walls. Please browse our gallery for examples of plant designs completed in the past.

How long will a 4 inch potted plant last in a green wall?

If lighting conditions and maintenance practices are done as recommended, the plant will be viable for years. While there will be some small attrition, due to the plant species we recommend controlled growing conditions. Root-bound plants rarely if ever occur in the Versa Wall® system.


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