12 Jul Innovation In Design & Practice

Growth Of The Living Green Wall Market

In the short span of fifteen years, the global market has moved beyond blanket skepticism of living green walls to enthusiasm, a shift instigated largely by innovations in design and business practices from pioneering provider GSky Plant Systems. Before the arrival of a true system, the green wall market was defined by disorganization and wall failure. The adoption of a focus on long-term success for each specific wall drove a surge in popularity, and the resulting modular designs have allowed architects to reimagine the role of walls from simply vegetation to another artistic medium.


Architectural ambition pushes the limits of living green wall systems. Many of GSky’s most successful recent projects have fulfilled the imaginings of an innovative architect, including walls that design in logos, sweeping curves, divider blinds, television monitors and more.


The Pro Wall® for exterior remains especially adept at reaching new heights on tall structures. Nevertheless, some of these dream concepts require further creative engineering and design on the part of living green wall providers, and some are simply not feasible given the very real limitations of the living components of some walls. Expertise on the part of providers will continue to define the possible and push to the edge of plants’ abilities.


GSky’s worldwide network of dealers draw on unparalleled expertise to implement high-quality living wall solutions throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceana, and elsewhere. Explore our website to learn more.
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