13 Feb GSky Expands Global Living Wall Installations in 15th Year

Pioneering Green Wall Firm Completes Over 100 Walls Yearly

Delray Beach, FL – GSky Plant Systems, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and production of interior and exterior green walls, marks fifteen years of growth and now has four available systems: Versa Wall® (interior), Versa Wall® XT (exterior), Pro Wall®, and Basic Wall®. Founded in 2004 at the genesis of the living wall industry in North America, GSky® has expanded to install walls in Europe, the Middle East, and Australia and continues to install over one hundred walls annually.

From small indoor walls in private residences to GSky’s largest wall in London, England—which spans 17,000 ft²—GSky® and its dealer network have designed, installed, and maintained over 670 living walls in sixteen countries with 31% of total sales outside of the United States. With seven offices worldwide, GSky® employs top living wall experts with decades of experience and continues to cultivate industry-leading expertise gained from 15 years of operations.

Featuring patented vertical irrigation technology and unique modular design, the Versa Wall® and Versa Wall® XT systems cut water waste, prevent oversaturation, and boost cost efficiency by automatically running a timed gravity-based irrigation cycle less than once a week. The first Versa Wall® was installed in 2011 in Plano, Texas, and the first Versa Wall® XT debuted in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.

GSky® Versa Wall® customers include Fortune 500 companies, international airports, hotels, healthcare centers, and major universities with multiple locations.

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