18 Nov Enhancing Living Walls With Additional Design Elements

Living walls can make an incredible impact on the design of any space, be it large, small, indoors or outdoors. They bring a vibrant, eco-friendly element that perfectly balances the design of man alongside natural beauty. To further enhance living walls, here at GSky, we regularly install design elements that can transform the space. Here are few of our personal favorites.


Fins are architectural design components that offer a louvered look, creating an aesthetic that is at once simple and ornate. For the GSky installation at Netflix, for example, the fins are designed to be an extension of the existing building, drawing the eye in a continual gaze from the ceiling rafters to the living wall. For another client, Divco, the fins place emphasis on the living wall itself, drawing sharp focus to the center. Divco Netflix


Leonard Da Vinci once famously said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we humans have such an architectural affinity for it. Water elements, like the one installed at AWeber, a client out of Chalfont, Pennsylvania, bring both visual and auditory elements to the mix, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all to enjoy.


A brand’s name and logo function as the face of the organization. They are the driving visual components of a company, and so it stands to reason that branded signage—when done correctly—can be a powerful visual to incorporate within a living wall design.   Versa Wall® at BSE Global in Brooklyn, New York.Versa Wall XT® at Proctor and Gamble in Inwood, West Virginia.


While we tend to appreciate the natural components of living walls, in some instances, pairing them with technology can really amp up the appeal. The Twitter office in Cambridge, Massachusetts did just that, designing a beautiful green wall with undulating plants around a branded monitor. Twitter monitor on living wall

Versa Wall® at Twitter in Boston, Massachusetts.

Metalic elements 

Because of the unique way they capture and reflect light, metallic elements bring a subtle and sophisticated sheen to any design scheme. With this wall installed at Vancouver International Airport, metallic blocks and a variety of green and yellow plants are arranged in an alternating pattern, giving passersby a quick pause of elemental beauty during their busy travels.

Pro Wall® at Vancouver International Airport.

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