22 Oct Does Your Lobby Make The Right First Impression?

In most businesses, the lobby is the welcoming center, sitting at the forefront of virtually every business interaction. The lobby is where visitors and clients have their first view of your organization, where they’ll wait for meetings, and so much more. But have you ever stopped to really think about what kind of impression your lobby makes? Is a client going to remember blank white walls? Probably not. Artwork? Perhaps. But for a lasting impression that is equally impressive and inviting, consider the addition of a stunning vertical garden to your reception area.

Living wall lobby Versa Wall® at Three Ravinia Drive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Green Walls: A Healthy Consideration

As green walls gain popularity, business owners and developers alike are recognizing their benefits. Thanks to living, breathing plants, green walls improve air quality with natural air filtration, reducing pollutants and keeping things fresh. With thoughtful design, green walls can also help deaden sound in large spaces, preventing noisy echoing. What’s more: A flourishing green wall is good for your health! There is increasing evidence that indoor plants positively affect our minds and our bodies, specifically as it relates to psychophysiological stress responses, alertness and energy levels.

Green wall lobby Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa Versa Wall® at Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa in Hutchinson Island, Florida.

The Push for Sustainability

The push for green walls is also part of the move toward sustainability in construction design. Green building initiatives are attracting a lot of well-deserved attention for their contribution to improving mankind’s footprint on the planet.

green wall lobby embassy suites amarillo Versa Wall® at Embassy Suites in Amarillo, Texas.

Beauty in Design

Green walls are more than just an environmental initiative; they truly are at the cutting edge of design. Living walls offer an inviting appeal like no other, captivating people with unique distinguishing factors that add incredible visual impact and a sense of elegance to every project.

green wall lobby bse global Versa Wall® at BSE Global in Brooklyn, New York.

Transform Space

From health to sustainability to great design, green walls can completely transform any space. If you’re ready to give your lobby an uplift, give us a call.

green wall lobby Paraiso Complex Versa Wall® at Paraiso Complex in Miami, Florida.

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