25 Sep Incorporate a Green Wall for Parking Garages

Parking garages are critical components of urban design, but they don’t have to be all function and no fashion. Today’s architects are elevating the design of modern parking structures by balancing structural soundness, sustainability, and aesthetics, and incorporating a variety of natural elements.

Living wall on a parking garage Basic Wall® at Yoo on the Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

More Jungle, Less Concrete

Most of us don’t give a second thought to where we park our cars when we go shopping or to the doctor or to work. But parking structures are a crucial component of community planning. Without them, our city streets would be even more congested, and accessibility to retail, offices and other buildings would be limited. Parking garages afford us multistory spaces that free up our common areas and make our cities more enjoyable.   

Green wall in Hyde Resort & Residences Basic Wall® at Hyde Resort & Residences in Hollywood, Florida.

Adding Delight to the Dull

Installing a green wall onto a concrete structure brings life to an otherwise mundane piece of architecture. Living walls improve the style of the framework while reducing noise and air pollution.

Vertical garden in Delaware Pro Wall® at Incyte Pharmaceuticals in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biophilia in Design

Another great aspect of this green trend in parking garages is Biophilia. Scientifically speaking, humans are attracted to nature. Biophilia is a philosophy that refers to mankind’s biological connections to the natural world around us. Biophilic design takes this concept into the architectural realm, placing deep emphasis on incorporating the natural world into the environments we build. Decorative living walls and green spaces like GSky delivers are deeply rooted in biophilic design, bringing beauty and well-being to what might otherwise be rigid, concrete gray cityscapes.

parking garages with green walls Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

Endless Possibilities

Artistic and unique plant design complements the architecture of any parking garage. Interior or exterior, understated or expansive, GSky has a variety of green walls to suit every climate and location.

Green wall with parking garage at night Pro Wall® at Transwestern in Los Angeles, California.

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