20 Aug Living Walls Take Root in The Modern Shopping Experience

December 2012 – Phase 1

Shopping centers are “Alive” and expanding globally

The Avenues is Kuwait’s most prestigious landmark to date and the country’s largest shopping and leisure destination. A total of 5200 square feet, the Versa Wall is located in Grande Avenue district, one of the design districts in the shopping center. The first Versa Wall installation served as a design launching point to the incorporation of a further five phase follow up.

February 2018 – Phase 2

Retail centers leverage green walls to add a “wow factor” to the shopping experience

Living wall in a mallThe design of much of the mall features five organic, flowing shapes and lends itself perfectly to the incorporation of living green wall elements. Green walls also improve the health of people since cleaner and more purified air circulates to carefully remove impurities and supply cleaner air to the environment. With high arching ceilings of glass that are pressurized to reduce heat transfer from the temperatures outside, the space allows for some of the most visually spectacular indoor green wall applications.The Avenue Mall in KuwaitThe first Green Wall of this second phase is situated around the “Eye of the Avenues” an 18’ high dome of glass fragmented into a set of triangular flat planes to the far end of the impressive Grand Avenue. The second and third green wall locations are in the brand new Grand Arcade, a new district that is of a more enclosed design compared to the open concept of the Grand Avenue.Kuwait living wall in The Avenues

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