22 May Hanging Garden Custom Design for McGuire Building

Living walls can enhance many spaces, both aesthetically and environmentally. But sometimes there isn’t a wall available for installation. Such was the challenge GSky faced with the McGuire Building in San Francisco: The building owners desired a vertical garden as a centerpiece for their modern, open office space, but lacked dedicated structural space.

Ready to conquer the challenge, GSky’s team got to work, installing three cylindrical pillars suspended from the ceiling through two floors, not touching the bottom floor. The pillar style incorporates GSky’s trusted Versa Wall® technology, which allows for modular pots and evenly watered plants. Utilizing the same technology in a different way, GSky created these suspended living walls out of corner trays connected together to create three circular-shaped walls.

The technology functions the same way it would on any GSky Versa Wall®, including industry-standard pots that allow for adaptability in design, as well as a drip-line watering system that flows through the wall into a planter bed, irrigating the plants throughout. Once the frame was settled, it was time to dive into plant design. With a full 360-degree view, this wall required an arrangement that would flourish at every angle. To create a visual flow from ceiling to floor, GSky installed 725 4-inch potted plants across the hanging cylinders.

To enhance the look and health of the plants, 360-degree lighting was installed on the surrounding the walls. This lighting allows observers from both the lobby and lower-level office space to enjoy the hanging garden.

To maintain the living wall, complete with trimming, repotting, and other upkeep, GSky uses a scissor lift, which provides ample accessibility. Like any wall they install, GSky has a variety of maintenance measures in place for the McGuire building, ensuring the spectacular garden thrives throughout the years.

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