16 Apr Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Have a Green Living Wall

As humans, we long to be close to nature. Unfortunately, most work environments, especially those in the healthcare industry, are not designed with the natural world in mind. But according to science, maybe they should be. Plants, flowers, and other greeneries have shown to improve productivity and reduce stress in the workplace.

Healthcare employees are some of the most stressed out in the nation: In a recent survey, 69 percent of workers reported feeling stressed, and 17 percent reported feeling highly stressed. This is due to the intense nature of the job, but also has a lot to do with the sterile atmosphere in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics, which typically have little to no greenery.

Some reasons to welcome plants into high-stress environments include:

Decreased Stress

Bringing greenery into the workplace has been proven to reduce blood pressure — a primary marker of an individual’s stress levels. In workplaces such as healthcare facilities, reducing the level of stress can greatly improve employees’ performance.   

Increased Productivity

Staying attentive is vital for employees, especially those in healthcare. In a study conducted by Texas A&M University, participants were found to be more productive in an environment where there were plants compared to environments without them.  

Cleaner Air

Through photosynthesis, plants improve air quality and provide energy-rich oxygen. By removing toxins in the air, capturing dust, and pushing out fresh oxygen, plants allow you to take a breath of fresh air inside.

Higher Level of Well-Being

Happiness dramatically impacts workers’ performance. Operating in an enjoyable environment keeps employees happy and healthy. A report conducted by Human Spaces noticed a 15 percent increase in well-being when plants were incorporated into a work environment.

If you’re thinking this all sounds amazing, but there is no way you can fit potted plants throughout your healthcare facility, we have a solution: green walls. Vertical gardens give you all the benefits of indoor greenery, even with limited space, beautifying an already existing wall area.

Increased Patient Recovery Time

The common goal of everyone inside a healthcare facility is to leave healthier. Integrating foliage into hospitals has been shown to reduce time spent in rehabilitation. Providing patients the ability to go back to normal life more quickly, but also have a better quality of life while there.

Here are some examples GSky Plant Systems has designed, installed, and currently maintain:

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic’s wellness offerings and services for healthy individuals and patients help improve their overall wellness. To compliment the center’s comprehensive approach to wellness, GSky installed a Versa Wall® to accent the lobby with living, breathing plants that will transform the interior into a relaxing oasis for the patients. The Versa Wall® is a fantastic display of living art that represents Mayo Clinic’s commitment to providing the best care to every patient.

Sparrow Health System

Sparrow has grown to become the Mid-Michigan region’s largest health system, and its diverse range of facilities offer residents some of the most advanced medical technology available in the world.

Sparrow has two Lansing campuses, Sparrow Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns, Sparrow Ionia Hospital in Ionia, and an affiliate hospital, Carson City Hospital. The health system has dozens of satellite care centers. Sparrow also offers the Michigan Athletic Club, a 276,000 square foot facility voted one of the country’s top health clubs.

Hudson Spine

GSky has installed six Versa Walls® at Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine, located in New York, NY. Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine, led by Dr. Jonathann Kuo, is a multi-specialty medical practice focused on Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, and Wellness.

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan North Health Center opened its doors in January 1995 making it Dayton’s first comprehensive facility devoted exclusively to outpatient care. With a commitment to putting patients first, Good Samaritan North Health Center’s newly renovated reception area incorporates a Versa Wall® system is designed for comfort, convenience, and reassurance.

Maine General Hospital

Kennebec Valley’s leading healthcare provider and Maine’s third-largest health care system, Maine General Hospital is a comprehensive non-profit organization. This 140 square foot Versa Wall® is situated in a waiting area for patients, accompanying them as they wait to be treated.

Carlingwood Dental

From general dentistry to cutting-edge procedures, Carlingwood Dental Centre employs the latest educational and technological advances to help you get the bite you need and the smile you want. Located at the front entrance, this Versa Wall® greets patients as they enter the building and nearby the staff throughout the day. 

Gilchrist Hospice Center

Gilchrist Hospice Care, a non-profit organization, is the largest hospice in Maryland and provides the highest quality hospice and support services, whether home-based or inpatient, to thousands of individuals and families residing throughout Central Maryland each year.

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