07 Nov Visit These Green Walls While Traveling This Season

The holiday season brings people together, meaning you’ll probably be commuting through an airport to see your loved ones or friends. In several airports throughout North America, you’ll find a vertical living wall. Adding nature back into a traditionally sterile, chaotic environment makes for a more enjoyable and organic experience. Make sure to check out these green walls the next time you travel to one of the following airports:

San Francisco Airport Lounge

san-francisco-airport-living-wall-gskyOne of the world’s leading financial companies is creating a series of airport retreats to elevate its customers’ travel experience. At the San Francisco International Airport, the living green wall spans 2-stories and can be seen from a distance. The Versa Wall® system is a prominent part of its branding strategy.

Detroit Airport Terminal

Located at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Delta’s second major hub, there are two Versa Wall® systems in the Delta Terminal, which is reported to be the longest continuous terminal in the US. Nearby are seating areas, restaurants and bars.

Chicago O’Hare

chicago-ohare-airport-living-wall-gsky-plant-systemsThe Chicago Department of Aviation had a temporary exhibit, Fly Green Chicago at O’Hare International Airport to showcase the department’s industry-leading green initiatives at both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. The exhibit educated both travelers and employees about the merits of going green by highlighting CDA’s efforts to conserve energy, reduce waste, and protect natural resources at Chicago’s airports.

Miami Airport Lounge

miami-airport-living-wall-gsky-plant-systemsAt the Miami International Airport, located in the lounge behind the reception desk, this Versa Wall® system was designed as “Waves on the Beach” to accommodate the character of the local geographical area.

St. Louis Airport Terminal

The historic Lambert-St.Louis International Airport began its Terminal 1 interior renovation in early 2011. In order to soften and bring life to the the new meet/greet area, a 123 sq ft. VERSA WALL® was installed. The new VERSA WALL® is a fantastic display that represents Lamber-St. Louis Int’l Airport’s commitment to green initiatives as well as their ongoing effort to improve airport experience for passengers.

Houston Airport Lounge

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is just one of the many airports that has a Versa Wall® system inside their building, which gives many benefits such as the plants on the green wall removing toxins in the air.

These green walls are apart of a series of airport retreats created by one of the world’s leading financial companies to elevate its customers’ travel experience. The Versa Wall® system is a prominent part of its branding strategy. There are also Versa Walls® at these airport lounges:  

Vegas Airport Lounge

At the McCarran International Airport, this green wall greets you as your enter the lounge (if you’re a lucky guest).

New York Airport Lounge

The LaGuardia Airport in New York features a Versa Wall® system, which is a prominent part of their branding strategy.

Seattle Airport Lounge

Located in Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, these 2 green walls featured are our Versa Walls®

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