20 Oct Upscale Your Home With A Living Wall

Georgetown Private Residence

Designed into a home in the D.C. area stands a 272 sq. ft. living wall complete with Buddhist and Hindu Statuary collected by the homeowner in her travels. The wall can be seen from most rooms in the home which was remodeled to make the wall the focal point. According to the owner “People are drawn to it, they go straight for the wall when they come in.”

South Beach Private Residence 

When exiting the private elevator to this home you are greeted with a water feature flanked by two green walls. A subdued plant palette was requested to showcase the hand-blown glass flowers arranged randomly on the wall.

Brooklyn Private Residence 

Acting as a beautiful centerpiece of the home, this wall extends through the second story, not only bringing beauty but bringing the benefits of nature indoors.

Highland Beach Private Residence 

Recently installed in a contemporary beach home is this natural tropical wall “breathing life” into the entry of the living quarters. It is a stunning addition adding contrast to the stone, marble and contemporary furnishings.

Di Lido Island Private Residence 

Accented by a Koi pond & water fall this Versa Wall® is visible from the master bedroom and living area’s of the home.

Delray Beach Private Residence 

Versa XT® our newest product was used to give this homeowner a vibrant exterior wall for the pool area. Because of its versatility, annuals can be added easily. The Versa XT® allows for larger plants giving it a natural tropical feel while not infringing on valuable walking space.

Indian Creek Private Residence 

This 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 30,000-square-foot private home located on Miami’s exclusive Indian Creek Island off Miami Beach. The home was inspired by Miami’s natural surrounding elements. The home’s 1,475 square foot Pro Walls® swirls in a curvilinear design and is located in the home’s courtyard area. The jungle-like walls were included in the home’s design to avoid excessive landscaping on the floor and not interfere with walk ways or spacious views from the inside and outside of the home. The Green Wall features over 17,000 tropical salt-tolerant plants.

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