16 Aug 7 Schools that are Home to Green Walls

Concrete buildings, empty hallways, and outdated architecture are what fills up many schools. But, that’s not the case for the institutes that bring in living walls to their academic areas. Some opt for their green wall to adorn over student meeting areas while a few incorporate them into a curriculum as a teaching moment involving supervised students. 

Throughout North America, GSky has installed green walls in over 16 schools — elementary through university level — each unique in their own way through the design, plants, and location. Here are some interesting details about seven of GSky’s walls in schools:   

Georgetown University

Three years ago, Georgetown University unveiled a spacious student center in one of their residence halls, New South, which feature an 828 square feet vertical garden. Opting for their green wall to be in a social and study area, this Versa Wall® filled with 5,000 plants filters and purifies the air — allowing students to breathe easy.

Hazel Wolf K-8

A finalist for Seattle Building of the Year Award, this green wall is displayed at the main entrance of the school for to represent the school’s mission — using environmental learning as the lens through which they focus their studies on STEM. As an active teaching tool for their students’ science projects, this living wall embodies Hazel Wolf’s commitment to the community and students.

Shawnee Mission School District

A major school district in the Kansas City area is home to 33 elementary schools for grades K-6, five middle schools, and a 784 square feet living wall. This Versa Wall® was installed in April of this year and has been seen by 27,000 students. 

Bertschi School

Designed to treat the grey water in Bertschi, a Seattle based private school, this 165 square foot green wall is more than a centerpiece. Water flows from a grey water tank to the top of the wall then through a drip irrigation system as it travels down the interior Pro Wall®, watering the four different types of plants as it goes. Sensors determine the grey water levels, supplementing rain water for irrigation when levels are low.

Colorado State University

Experience all four sides of this two story living wall in Laurel Village, a residence hall at Colorado State. Staying in line with the university’s environmental friendly direction, the 350 square foot Versa Wall® allowed them to gain LEED certification points.

Simon Fraser University

Striving to constantly be innovating, this 655 square foot Versa Wall® XT is installed on the greenest building on campus, Blusson Hall, which is used for Health Sciences. This building exceeds Silver LEED certification through their green wall and other measures such as storm-water collection, radiant-floor heating, and abundant natural light.

University of Tampa

Half a dozen different plants make up eight Versa Walls® on this west coast of Florida’s university. The architect, Hardeman Kempton & Associates, Inc. was awarded an Award of Honor by the Florida chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects.  

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