20 Mar 6 Beautiful Vertical Gardens Ideas

The news is in: vertical gardens are here to stay. As gardeners become more focused on the future of environmentalism and architecture, gardens are adapting to new demands of the marketplace by moving up. No longer limited to the Earth, vertical gardens are taking complex, unique, and beautiful spaces and shapes. Whereas traditional gardens require tending every day, vertical gardens offer accessibility and generate huge benefits, as seen in this post here.

Vertical gardens are so versatile because they can occupy spaces that are as wide as an entire wall or as small as a little crate. This flexibility offers the ability to maximize space, design, and efficiency.

When you’re thinking of creating, designing, or buying a vertical garden system, remember that you are only limited by your imagination. Living walls can be as simple as one plant systems or as complex as hundreds. To figure out what may work best for you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that will help you get inspiration for your next DIY or home improvement project! We know that it can be tough to think of some ideas when you start thinking of the mixture of plants, water balance, and space, so take a look at the following options like wine crates or smart walls and see what possibilities await you:

wine crate living wall Wine Crate Living Wall

Old wine crates or pallets can serve as great backings for any vertical garden enhancement. This installation by GSky pairs well with the brick-and-mortar feel of the wall and helps create an ambiance that mixes the suburban and nature together.

Cleantech La Living Green Wall Cleantech LA Living Green Wall

If you’re looking for something a bit more future-focused, take a look at this installation at Cleantech in LA. Cleantech is all about figuring out creative and innovative solutions to energy and environmental problems — this living green wall emphasizes their mission to anyone visiting, which lets you know that they’re serious about what they do.

National Geographic Green Wall System National Geographic Green Wall System

You can’t get more natural than National Geographic. This L-shape green wall in their headquarters in Washington D.C. is a simple, but powerful green wall that speaks to their company and what they do. This creates a feeling of authenticity behind National Geographic and their value to bridge the gap between our ‘human’ world and the ‘natural’ world that we don’t often get to see or experience.

Lenovo Versa Wall Lenovo Versa Wall

True to name, the Versa Wall is extremely adaptable to any kind of wall — in this project installation, the living wall is nestled between two buildings and contains nearly 3500 plants. Even though both of the walls are separated, the plants are architecturally shaped to show continuity between stairs. This versatility allows for creative structuring between floors, shapes, and wall sizes.

Sonos Inc. - Large Living Green Wall System Sonos Inc. – Large Living Green Wall System

This Sonos installation is one of the biggest green walls available. If you’re looking for a massive project, be assured that vertical gardens can be as big as you imagine them to be. The plus side? A wall of this size can help lower energy costs in both the summer and winter; it cools down indoor and wall temperatures and insulates during the cool season.

Calyx - Royal Botanical Garden Calyx – Royal Botanical Garden

Architecture has always been an artform — this installation in the Calyx – Royal Botanical Gardens espouses the fact that nature itself is a work of art. In fact, living green walls are known to be therapeutic through biophilia and can help alleviate stress with improved air quality, promote detoxification, and lead to a better home/work environment.

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