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GSky® Overview

Versatile-Reliable-Proven living walls

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of turn-key living walls and vertical gardens tailored to fit your Interior and Exterior needs.

We offer four living wall systems since a One-Size-Fits-All Approach Doesn’t work. Our live wall systems are all water-efficient and unique in terms of design capability, plant selection variety, possible installation locations, cost, coverage timeline, desired size, and system components.

GSky Professionals will help you through the entire process from design, installation, and maintenance. Our team will help you choose and plan the right system for your circumstances. So that you have a beautiful, thriving, and successful living wall experience for years to come. Our plant knowledge and living wall experience combine to create lasting, cost-efficient, safe, and maintenance-friendly living walls.

17 Years

19 Countries-Over

900 Living Walls



Interior Live Walls

Our patented modular tray system, the Versa Wall®, is the easiest system on the market to design, install and maintain indoors. We introduced this system in 2011 due to our dissatisfaction with the performance and upkeep of pre-planted panels. Since then, over 800 of these walls have been installed. If you’re wanting to improve workplace performance by bringing nature indoors, enhance environmental and acoustical elements in your building, or if you simply want to make a statement or use in branding, then GSky’s Versa Wall® system is a perfect fit.


Exterior Live Walls

GSky® offers three choices of systems for clients: pre-planted Pro Wall® for high design and large applications; our Versa Wall® XT tray system using larger 1-gallon potted plants that are easy to replace and change; our Basic Wall® vine screening system intended to keep a full look at greater heights. Each is water efficient and fully automated.


Project Locations

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