6 Beautiful Vertical Gardens Ideas

6 Beautiful Vertical Gardens Ideas

The news is in: vertical gardens are here to stay. As gardeners become more focused on the future of environmentalism and architecture, gardens are adapting to new demands of the marketplace by moving up. No longer limited to the Earth, vertical gardens are taking complex, unique, and beautiful spaces and shapes. Whereas traditional gardens require tending every day, vertical gardens offer accessibility and generate huge benefits, as seen in this post here.
Vertical gardens are so versatile because they can occupy spaces that are as wide as an entire wall or as small as a little crate. This flexibility offers the ability to maximize space, design, and efficiency.
When you’re thinking of creating, designing, or buying a vertical garden system, remember that you are only limited by your imagination. Living walls can be as simple as one plant systems or as complex as hundreds. To figure out what may work best for you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that will help you get inspiration for your next DIY or home improvement project! We know that it can be tough to think of some ideas when you start thinking of the mixture of plants, water balance, and space, so take a look at the following options like wine crates or smart walls and see what possibilities await you:

wine crate living wall

Wine Crate Living Wall

Old wine crates or pallets can serve as great backings for any vertical garden enhancement. This installation by GSky pairs well with the brick-and-mortar feel of the wall and helps create an ambiance that mixes the suburban and nature together.
Cleantech La Living Green Wall

Cleantech LA Living Green Wall

If you’re looking for something a bit more future-focused, take a look at this installation at Cleantech in LA. Cleantech is all about figuring out creative and innovative solutions to energy and environmental problems — this living green wall emphasizes their mission to anyone visiting, which lets you know that they’re serious about what they do.
National Geographic Green Wall System

National Geographic Green Wall System

You can’t get more natural than National Geographic. This L-shape green wall in their headquarters in Washington D.C. is a simple, but powerful green wall that speaks to their company and what they do. This creates a feeling of authenticity behind National Geographic and their value to bridge the gap between our ‘human’ world and the ‘natural’ world that we don’t often get to see or experience.
Lenovo Versa Wall

Lenovo Versa Wall

True to name, the Versa Wall is extremely adaptable to any kind of wall — in this project installation, the living wall is nestled between two buildings and contains nearly 3500 plants. Even though both of the walls are separated, the plants are architecturally shaped to show continuity between stairs. This versatility allows for creative structuring between floors, shapes, and wall sizes.
Sonos Inc. - Large Living Green Wall System

Sonos Inc. – Large Living Green Wall System

This Sonos installation is one of the biggest green walls available. If you’re looking for a massive project, be assured that vertical gardens can be as big as you imagine them to be. The plus side? A wall of this size can help lower energy costs in both the summer and winter; it cools down indoor and wall temperatures and insulates during the cool season.
Calyx - Royal Botanical Garden

Calyx – Royal Botanical Garden

Architecture has always been an artform — this installation in the Calyx – Royal Botanical Gardens espouses the fact that nature itself is a work of art. In fact, living green walls are known to be therapeutic through biophilia and can help alleviate stress with improved air quality, promote detoxification, and lead to a better home/work environment.
Ready to start or need to see more? Check out Gsky’s living green wall gallery of more than 180 projects.

5 Reasons Why Living Walls Are The Future

5 Reasons Why Living Walls Are The Future

The exponential growth of green design, clean technology, and environmental awareness has created a sharp demand for living walls – its concept dates all the way back to the 1930s but has just recently gained momentum in all sectors and industries of business. The Versa Wall & Pro Wall are clean examples of this. Why?
What started as an architectural movement in design has now become a symbol of environmental consciousness for both businesses and consumers. Architects, commercial real estate developers and residents now recognize the importance of going green, being eco-friendly, and incorporating environmental themes in their living and work spaces.
And the movement is only just beginning – green design has moved from simple installations on buildings to being incorporated into buildings. The symbolic effect is huge – businesses want to inject ‘green’ into their mission because they know that vertical gardens are valuable to their employees and clients.
Here are a few reasons why you should keep living walls on the lookout:
They’re already here
Metropolitan areas are notorious for the urban heat island effect. As a result, major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle are pioneering the growth of living walls, contributing to approximately 25% rate of development for vertical gardens. With such dense populations and commercial building, it’s no wonder that people want to bring nature back into their lives. The result? 68% of businesses that have a living wall report happier employees and stronger client relations.
Clean Technology
With the world slowly moving away from fossil fuel extraction, businesses that develop clean energy and green technology solutions are going to pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable environment. As more and more people realize that going green is beneficial for their health and the economy, living walls will be one of the easiest and most cost-effective green ways to alleviate environmental concerns.
Going Up? Vertical Architecture means Vertical Gardens
In Shenzhen, China, architects are working on building a vertical city – the first of its kind anywhere on the globe. On the other side of the world, Mexico City has implemented a vertical garden solution on the columns supporting its highways in order to alleviate the greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. As cities and municipal governments begin to incorporate these elements of green design into urban plans, more businesses will catch on as well.
Reduced Energy Costs
The fact is that having more plants in an area cools down the need for electric and gas fans and air conditioning. By installing your own living green wall, you not only cleanse the air but cool it through a process known as ‘evapotranspiration.’ If that word got you in a tongue twister, don’t worry — evapotranspiration essentially means that the sum of evaporation from the soil and plants is the same.
This process can reduce temperatures from 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, which results in a huge amount of savings in electricity and gas month-on-month!
Increased Real Estate Value
The physical benefits of living green walls are immense, but the financial value is often understated studies show that buildings that have living green walls jump in value — sometimes by 12% or more! In addition, they help buildings qualify for the prestigious LEED rating as well.
If you haven’t already considered it, a living green wall may be just what you need to bump up your building. The benefits of going green aren’t limited to just the physical or financial — whether you’re looking to install a beautiful work of art or alleviate environmental degradation, living walls can help.


Benefits of Green Walls

Benefits of Green Walls

Also referred to as wall garden, bio wall or vertical garden, a green wall is a peculiar type of garden which grows vertically and can be built both on the exterior and interior side of a building. Some of the more popular green wall systems are tray systems, pre-grown panel systems, and trellis vining systems.

In addition to the beauty it adds to the environment, green walls have many outdoor and indoor benefits that make them a popular choice for architects and interior designers.

Outdoor benefits of green walls
The benefits of outdoor green walls depend on the result you want, budget, climate and available space. Some of the benefits of outdoor green walls include:

Beauty: with green walls installed in an environment, a dull environment can be transformed into an alluring and inviting home and have an immediate “wow” effect on passers-by

Increased Biodiversity in cities: help reduces the loss of biodiversity due to the adverse effects of urbanization.

Reduced noise pollution: noise pollution is a major setback in the major towns and is managed with the introduction of green walls because they have the ability to absorb sound. The structure of green walls helps reduce the very high-frequency noise by absorbing and reflecting any noise that crosses its path.

Building structure safety: they provide protection to building structures by helping control the climate of the environment. The planting prevents the fluctuations in temperatures which in turn prevents the building(s) from corrosion which results from contraction and expansion that occurs during hot temperatures.

Decreased building upkeep; they guard the outside coatings, along with the masonry from ultraviolet light and rain. Also, they boost the air-tightness and seal of the windows, doors, and cladding by decreasing the effects of wind pressure.

Interior Advantages of Green Walls

Indoor green walls applications are usually used in residential, office buildings all around the world and also for commercial purpose, the size of the green walls vary from small to large depending on the available interior space, budget, and desired outcome. Some of the indoor benefits of green walls include, however not limited to:

1. Reduction of stress and mental health benefits: green walls have the ability to reduce stress and calm a disturbed person by softening the surrounding environment. Studies have shown that with green walls installed in offices, employees can focus and perform better on any task assigned to them. Green walls also improve the health of people since cleaner and more purified air circulates the surrounding leading to enhanced concentration, healthier employees/team and fewer sick days.

2. Temperature regulation: they act as natural air conditionals by balancing the amount of moisture inside the building. They also regulate the amount of heat that enters buildings. This implies that you may not necessarily need air conditioning systems if you have green walls installed in your homes or offices. They also help in reducing the effects of urban heat islands, by absorbing heat. Green life is truly a live saver.

3. Cleaner supply of air: they act as natural air filters in urban areas. In cities, the air is usually polluted with carbon mono oxide and other impurities. So the function of green walls is to carefully remove the impurities and supply cleaner air to the environment.

Other Advantages of Green Walls

1. A big business booster for companies: when green walls are installed in enterprises, customers will be attracted to your business. Adding green walls to office buildings is a creative way of attracting customers.

2. Reduction of storm/rain water runoff.

You too can enjoy these benefits today by visiting our website for samples of our products. We would love you to enjoy these benefits that green walls offer. Contact us now for a quote.

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