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Bringing thousands of live plants into a building requires special consideration during construction. In order to maintain the integrity of the original Green Wall vision in the final product, GSky has developed proven processes, an Authorized Dealer training program and a comprehensive warranty to ensure that your Green Wall remains alive, beautiful and vibrant.

GSky’s comprehensive set of proven processes includes a set of key tasks and related sign-off documents that address: 1) shop drawing and plant design approval, 2) site readiness to receive plants,3) substantial completion, 4) the beginning date of the maintenance program and 5) the maintenance program terms and conditions. The goal of these processes is to ensure that we are creating an environment that can support plants before they are delivered to the site. GSky’s Authorized Dealers manage this installation process to ensure that all tasks related to creating a sustainable environment for the plants are completed before the next phase of work begins. For example, one task is ensuring that water is available without interruption before plants are delivered to the site. With these processes and documentation in place, GSky is able to offeror unparalleled materials warranty and 100% plant guarantee as part of our maintenance program.

Versa Wall XT Planning Schedule

Take your love for gardening to a new height with GSky's Green Wall Systems.

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