Technical system design of VERSA WALL XT® System.

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VERSA WALL XT® driplines provide controlled water to every tray on the wall. The design of the XT trays allows for even distribution of water to each plant and minimizes excess.


Trays are designed to hold a measured amount of water for each individual plant. Plants do not compete for water.


This means no soil spills out of the wall and no water spills forward. This assures that the green wall will be neat and spotless.




In a typical construction scenario where a design group is invovled, GSky will work with the owner and design groups to take your design wishes and turn them into a beautiful plant design. GSky’s designers will work directly with the owner group to provide turnkey design/build solutions.


Coordination Process

  • Ongoing discussion with owners/architects about design intent for the space.
  • Evaluate the site and environmental conditions for plant material.
  • Formulate the plant design concept with suggested plants once the shop drawing signoff is obtained.
  • Once design concept is finalized and approved the realistic install date is established so plants can be secured.
  • Plants and materials are delivered to one of our partner nurseries, where the plants are installed and pregrown to the project specification.
  • Growth times will vary depending on season, geographical region and plant selection.

Checklist for a healthy green wall

Select plants suitable for the Plant Hardiness Zone

Avoid vents & doors

Establish a maintenance protocol

Select plants suitable for the wall orientation (N, W, S, E)

Plant Availability

Growth habit of the plants

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